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Pre-Season News

Ambu-Lance Horner has asked for a year sabbatical. Lance wants to come back and play again in 2013, however he feels it would be best to not play this season and focus more time on other exciting things that are going on in his life right now. That is a bummer for us, but to show our support for Mr. Ambu-lANCE WE WILL RETIRE #12 for the 2012 season. While we will miss Lance this year, we also know it is for all good reasons and we will look forward to his return next year. Who knows...the Softball Gods may even speak to me and encourage me to call for a tournament if we are short???

In other news, we have an addition to the team. Garrett Aikens will be joining Geritol this year. In addition to playing infield and outfield, Garrett is also a pitcher. This will help much when our number 1 man on the mound, Alex, "AK" Keffler, is attending one of his kids ballgames. It will also take a load off our brave and dear friend Brodie, Speedbump, Ellis. Brodie has been our backup pitcher, which all of us have greatly appreciated. Brodie will now be able to focus more on his out-fielding duties as well as his part time job of getting Patrick off the golf course in time for the softball game.

Garrett is 2 years older than I am and comes to us from West Point Georgia. He is a true softball rat, rumors have it that he once skipped his ACT test in order to play in a softball tournament. We like a man who has his priorities in order. Garrett is currently completing his Pharmacy Residency at Community Hospital. For those of you with pharmacological needs, Garrett accepts third party payments. so, we welcome him aboard. okay.....he is not really 2 years older than I am.

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