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The 2023 Tournament Results

Gold: Montana Madmen, Helena
Silver: Montana Madmen, Great, Falls
Bronze: Kalispell, all stars

Division A
Gold : North Idaho, SoftbClub
Silver: AZ Fireworks
Bronze : Montana. Madmen. Gt. Falls

Division B
Gold: Alberta Thunder
Silver: Alberta Grizzlies
Bronze: East/West Aircraft.

The 2022 Tournament Results

+50/55 Division:
Gold: Montana Madmen, Great Falls, MT
Silver: Kalispell, MT
Bronze: Lethbridge O'Dogs, Canada

+60/65 Division:
Gold: Al Vaders, Arizona
Silver: Montana Cutthroats, Great Falls, MT
Bronze: Calgary Chargers, Canada


The 2021 Tournament Results

In the +50 division:
Gold: Northwest Jokers, Couer D’Alene, ID
Silver: Steel Etc, Great Falls, MT
Bronze: Kalispell 50’s, Kalispell, MT

In the +60 division:
Gold: North Idaho Softball Club, Idaho
Silver: Montana Madmen, Great Falls, MT
Bronze: Montana Cutthroat, Missoula, MT

In the +70 division:
Gold: Spikes/Brunettes, Spokane, WA
Silver: General Equipment 75’s, Portland, OR
Bronze: PNW Codgers, Pacific Northwest 

The Rainy Results

2018 Thompson/Corr

Montana Senior Softball Games

Missoula Mt.

June 23/24


Division 1.

Gold: Yeagers Alumni, Bellingham WA.

Silver: Nearly Extinct. Tacoma WA.

Third: BCT Codgers, Boise Idaho.

Fourth: Grey Sox 70’s Spokane.


Division 2.

Gold: Can-Am Bombers (+80) Canada/USA

Silver: Big Country Drifters, Cochrane AB.

Third: Pacific Northwest (PNW) Codgers: Oregon Montana and Idaho.

Fourth: Missoula Outlaws. Missoula MT.


Division 1.

Gold: Northwest Softball Club. Idaho/Washington

Silver: Calgary Red Sox. Calgary AB

Third: Boise Codgers. Boise ID

Fourth: Grey Sox. Spokane WA



Division 2.

Gold: Montana Madmen. Great Falls MT.

Silver: Route 60-66. Phoenix AZ.

Third: Old Stockers. Vancouver BC

Fourth: Dishman Dodge: Spokane WA.


Division 1.

Gold: Fatboys. Calgary AB

Silver. Pasco Bizrads. Pasco WA.

Third. The Rhino. Missoula MT.


Division 2.

Gold: Steel etc. Great Falls MT.

Silver: KT Hayloft. Missoula MT

Third: Lube Tube. Spokane WA.


Gold: Team Geritol…Missoula MT.

Silver: Boltons Bombers…Missoula MT

Third: Spare Parts …..Missoula MT




Division 1


Silver..Team Geritol..Missoula


Division 2

Gold..Bert and Ernie's/CCC...Helena

Silver..Missoula 40's



Division 1

Gold..Calgary Fatboys..Calgary Alberta

Silver..K.T.Hayloft..Missoula Mt

Bronze...Huff and Puff 55's..Medicine Hat Alberta


Division 2

Gold..Montana Madmen/Budweiser..Great Falls Mt

Silver..Kalispell All Stars..Kalispell Mt

Bronze..Lethbridge O Dogs..Lethbridge ALberta



Division 1

Gold...Yeager's Blue...Bellingham Wa.

Silver..O P Miller Lite...Great Falls Mt


Division 2

Gold...Huff and Puff 60's..Medicine Hat Alberta

Silver..Filling Station/Legion Club..Bozeman MT



Division 1

Gold..Big Valley Drifters...Cochrane Alberta

Silver..Missoula 60's


Division 2

Gold..Silvertip 75's...Renton Wa

Silver..Grizzly Peak Silvertips +65..Missoula Mt

2010 Thompson/Corr Montana Senior Game Results 


+65 Division 1

Gold..Huff and Puff, Medicine Hat Alberta
Silver..Joseppi’s +75..Tacoma Washington
Bronze..Big Valley Drifters, Cochrane Alberta


+65 Division 2

Gold…Seattle 70’s, Seattle WA.
Silver…Alamo Bar, Coeur D’Alene Idaho
Bronze…Missoula 65’s, Missoula MT.

+60…Division 1

Gold..Yeager’s Blue, Bellingham Washington
Silver, Enviro-Vac-Marauders, Surrey BC
Bronze..Huff and Puff, Medicine Hat Alberta

+60 Division 2

Gold…Missoula 60’s
Silver...Kee West, Calgary Alberta

 +50 Division 1

Gold ..K.T. Hayloft, Missoula MT
Silver..Missoula 50’s, Missoula MT


+55 Division

Gold…Big Valley Drifters, Cochrane Alberta
Silver, The Filling Station, Bozeman Montana

Team Geritol of Missoula was host to fifteen teams, from Canada, Washington, Idaho and Montana, in the 7th Annual Keith Thompson/Ron Corr Senior Softball Tournament, this past weekend at the Fort Missoula Softball Complex. All teams played a minimum of 5 games in this 2-day event. Four Missoula teams competed in the tourney. Their participation and sportsmanship have been crucial to the success of this annual event.

Medicine Hat’s Huff and Puff +65 team was 5-0 for the weekend to win the gold medal. Joseppi’s 75’s competed strongly, winning the silver medal in the +65 Division with a 4-1 record. On Sunday, the Big Valley Drifters of Cochrane Alberta lost 17-16 to Joseppi’s, to end up with the bronze medal. Of note, is that the first home run hit out of the park this weekend came off the bat of a player on the Joseppi +75 team from Tacoma WA.


The Seattle 70’s made a return visit to the Montana Senior Games and won the Gold medal in Division 2 of the +65 age group. The Alamo Bar of Coeur D’Alene won the Silver and the Missoula +65 team, earned Bronze. The Seattle 70’s with Joe Horrall also won a Gold Medal for the best Team Barbeque. Word is that Joe charged $5 a person and earned a little gas money for the trip back home.


Yeager’s Blues of Bellingham WA. Won the Gold Medal, with a 6-1 record. Yeagers lost to the Marauders in the first game Sunday morning and worked their way back to the Gold Medal game, defeating the Missoula +60 team and Medecine Hat Huff and Puff. The Huff and Puff earned the Bronze Medal, after losing 22-21 game to the Marauders of Surrey B.C.


Missoula 60’s won the Gold Medal in their division and Kee-West of Calgary, won the Silver. This was Kee-West’s fourth year at the tournament.


In the 50 Division, K.T. Hayloft of Missoula, won the Gold Medal with a 5-0 weekend. Hayloft defeated Missoula 50’s in the championship game. The Big Valley Drifters of Cochrane Alberta defeated The Filling Station of Bozeman MT. to win the Gold in the 55 Division.

2016 Results- June 27, 2016




Played at Fort Missoula Softball Complex


+50 Division

Gold: Fat Boys, Calgary Alberta

Silver: Rhino Bar, Missoula MT

Bronze: Big Sky Bandits, Great Falls Mt


60 Division

Gold: Northwest Idaho Merchants, Coeur D’Alene Idaho

Silver: Montana Madmen, Great Falls MT

Bronze: Fierce Firearms, Salt Lake City Utah


65 Division

Gold: W. R. Ruth, +70 Seattle Washington

Silver: Boise Codgers, Boise Idaho

Bronze: Primetime, 65 Freemont California


+70 Division

Gold: Cochrane Drifters, 70 Cochrane Alberta

Silver: Dirt Dogs, Spokane Washington

Bronze: Dirty Dozen, Missoula MT


+75 Division

Gold: Can-Am Bombers, Canada/USA

Silver: Emerald City 80’s, Seattle Washington

2014 Results 


+50 Division 1

Gold: Calgary Fatboys

Silver: Champion Pumpers, Spokane

Bronze: Rhino Bar 50's, Missoula

2013 RESULTS -


 +40 Division:

Gold: Calgary Fattboys.. Calgary AB

Silver: Team Geritol..Missoula MT


Division 2:

Gold: Coors Lite: Helena MT

Silver: Silver Slipper.Missoula MT


+50 Division:

Gold: Fattboys Calgary AB.

Silver: Champion Pumpers..Spokane WA

Bronze: Paradise Falls..Missoula MT


+55 Division:

Gold: K. T. Hayloft..Missoula MT

Silver: Lethbridge O's.Lethbridge AB.

Bronze: Medicine Hat Huff and Puffs, M.Hat AB


+60 Division:

Gold: Missoula Blues, Missoula MT

Silver: O.P. Miller Lite..Great Falls MT

Bronze: Lethbridge O's, Lethbridge AB


+65 Division:

Gold: Medicine Hat Huff and Puffs..M. Hat AB.

Silver: Cochrane Drifters..Cochrane AB.

Bronze: Missoula 65's..Missoula MT


+75 Division:

Gold: Can-Am Bombers..Canada/USA 

Silver: Seattle Silvertip 75's..Seattle WA.

2011 Results Thompson/Corr Montana Senior Softball Tournament 


50/55 Division 1:
Gold Medal: Kalispell 50’s..Kalispell MT
Silver Medal: Missoula 50’s..Missoula MT
Bronze Medal: Cochrane Drifters..Cochrane Alberta


50/55 Division 2:
Gold Medal: KT Hayloft..Missoula MT 
Silver Medal: Lethbridge O’Dogs..Lethbridge Alberta


+60 Division 1:
Gold Medal: Yeager‘s Blue..Bellingham Washington
Silver Medal: OP/Miller Lite..Great Falls MT.
Bronze Medal: The Filling Station..Bozeman MT


+60 Division 2:
Gold Medal: Medicine Hat Huff and Puff 60’s..Medicine Hat Alberta
Silver Medal: Missoula 60’s..Missoula MT


+65 Division 1:
Gold Medal: Cochrane Drifter’s 65’s..Cochrane Alberta
Silver Medal: Medicine Hat Huff and Puff 65’s..Medicine Hat Alberta


+65 Diivision 2:
Gold Medal: Silver City Brewer’s 65’s: Bellingham Washington
Silver Medal: Seattle Silvertip 75’s..Seattle Washington
Bronze Medal: Missoula 65’s..Missoula MT


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