The Thompson/Corr Senior Games are played in memory of Keith Thompson and Ron Corr. Keith and Ron were true softball rats who would play softball with anyone, anywhere, and anytime.  Softball was meant to be played with as many rules as necessary for safety, but as few rules as possible for fun.

    In honor of Keith and Ron, these are our few rules about team rosters. The Thompson/Corr Games are non-denominational, bi-partisan, and international.  This means:

It does not matter:

  • Which State or Country you live in,                                                                      

  • What roster/team you are on,                                                                            

  • What organization you belong to,                                                                  

  • Whether you have matching uniforms or not.                                                    

  • Just put together 10 + softball buddies and come to Missoula and play ball.

     There are 24 available openings. Team managers are not required to submit any paperwork. Keith Thompson and Ron Corr hated paperwork. To register, please call Mike at 406-239-2717. This tournament is on the honor system. If an age- related protest is filed, I am obliged to ask for proof of identification. This has not happened in all our years, but the option remains, and the burden of proof is the responsibility of the player in question. The Tournament Director will make final determinations in this situation.  

     If a team manager is struggling with filling your roster, please call the Tournament Director and communicate your situation. I have been able to assist with almost every situation. If the team manager does not communicate with me, I am less able to be of assistance. 

 All teams will play 3 games of pool play on Saturday                                                          All teams will play 2 medal round games on Sunday.

Gold, Silver, Bronze medals for top three finishers in each age division. Tournament Director will make final determination on bracket placements for teams, as situations occasionally arise that call for creative bracketing to improve the odds of parity and quality competition.



The +40 Division will use regular ASA/USA rules.

Mercy rule shall be 20 runs after 3 innings

15 runs after 5 innings.

Games will be played on a 60-minute clock.

No new innings after 60 minutes.

We will also use the flip-flop rule.

No stealing.


All batters shall begin with a one and one count

Players in the +50 and old age divisions, may use any bat they wish, including the Miken Ultras.

Players participating in the +40 Division, must use bats that are on the 2018 ASA/USA Approved bat list.

If any player/team has questions about a bat please calmly talk with the Umpire, the Umpire in Chief, (Mike Dimmitt) or the Tournament Director. (Mike Perry).

HALO Rule:

**Any batted ball that crosses over the pitching rubber shall be ruled a DEAD BALL OUT.

**This includes ground balls, as well as line drives that are hit low enough to make contact with the pitcher.

**Line drives and hits that are too high to hit the pitcher, are clean base hits. 

**If a batted ball hits the pitcher, but the pitcher is “out of the pitcher’s box” it is not a dead ball out.

**It is a dead ball out even if the ball goes over the pitching rubber and the pitcher is outside the pitching box.

The pitching rubber is 24 inches wide.

The pitchers safety box is 3 feet wide.

The Safety box extends 6 inches on each side of the rubber.

Flags/markers shall be placed in the ground to assist the umpire in making the Halo Rule call.

Base runners may not advance, nor may they be “doubled up” on this play.

This is a safety-based rule.

This is an umpire’s judgment call.

Please do not argue with this call.


If the ball travels to the pitching mound, it will be ruled a dead ball out.

If it is a “swinging bunt” that the pitcher must charge to get to, it is a live ball.


All Divisions will use the 3+1 format.

All home runs over the limit will be an out.

The home team may go “One-Up” in the bottom of all innings, except the final inning.


The Can-Am Bombers:

This fine team has a roster with 80 years old gentlemen.

Their manager told me that everyone on their roster (except two players), were 80 or older. What an honor to have them here with us again.

They will be spotted 5 runs per game on Saturday and Sunday.

These runs will be awarded in the following manner:

When 5 runs are awarded,

1 run will be added to the older-division team’s score each inning.

This team may score 5 runs, in addition to the awarded run.

Again, the +80 team may score 5 runs per inning, in addition to the awarded runs.


All +70 and older teams may play 11 players on defense.


There will be no “Catch-up rule.”

Each team may score a maximum of 5 runs per inning in each inning, except for the “Open Inning.”

The final inning of each game will be an “Open Inning” with unlimited scoring.


15 runs after 5 innings, or any inning after the 5th.

All games will be played a minimum of 5 innings.



If the Home team is behind by 5 or more runs at the beginning of the final inning, the flip-flop rule will automatically be utilized and the home team shall remain at bat. We are doing this to keep the tournament on schedule.


You may have as many substitute runners in a game as you wish, however an individual player may pinch run only 1 time per inning, however he may run as many times in a game as he wishes

The pinch runner does not have to be the last out.

In the case of injury or health related situations, a batter is allowed to have a substitute runner, run for him from a line designated behind home plate.


If a team has an injury and does not have 10 healthy players of their own, they may use a player(s) from another same-age division team. This pick-up player must bat last in the batting order in any game he starts. If he replaces an injured player, he assumes that players place in the batting order.

Teams must use their own players whenever they are available.

Please make arrangements with the Tournament Director in these situations.

We are here to play ball and have fun…helping a team in need, is in the true spirit of the games.


The International Tie Breaker rule will be used in all tie games.

Each team shall begin the extra inning with the final out from the previous inning, at 2nd base. This runner must score in order to win a game. Advancing to 3rd base will not decide the outcome of a game.


The winner of the coin toss may choose to be visitors and bat first.

Home team has the advantage of the final at bat.


There is no stealing in any age-division.

Tournament Information

Team List


Thank You’s and acknowledgements:


To the teams and the Teams Captains, we thank you so much for coming to play ball with us. We are honored to be able to host such a fun-loving and passionate event. It means a lot to us that you made the commitment to spend this weekend in Missoula. Please know we want to hear from you, about what was fun and what would make it better.

Please call or text Mike, at 406-239-2717 with any ideas, suggestions, etc.


*My wife Jan, please say “Hello” to her.

*Several good buddies from our Geritol Team will be helping throughout the tournament. Without their help, there would be no tournament.  They will be wearing Team Geritol jerseys, please ask them for any help you may need.

*Pan is the artist for the tournament images and shirts.


So many friends have stepped up and helped out with this tournament. Thanks to each of you. It takes a Community to put on a good softball Tournament, and by golly I am thinking we are going to have a good one this weekend. The Community that has been helping out has been great. The team captains I get to talk with, have been completely positive and are working hard to tie all the loose ends together. Thanks to all of you for making the pre-tournament work a labor of love.