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     The Thompson/Corr Senior Games are played in memory of Keith Thompson and Ron Corr. Keith and Ron were true softball rats who would play softball with anyone, anywhere, and anytime.  Softball was meant to be played with as many rules as necessary for safety, but as few rules as possible for fun.

    In honor of Keith and Ron, these are our few rules about team rosters. The Thompson/Corr Games are non-denominational, bi-partisan, and international.  This means:

It does not matter:

  • Which State or Country you live in,                                                                      

  • What roster/team you are on,                                                                            

  • What organization you belong to,                                                                  

  • Whether you have matching uniforms or not.                                                    

  • Just put together 10 + softball buddies and come to Missoula and play ball.

     There are 24 available openings. Team managers are not required to submit any paperwork. Keith Thompson and Ron Corr hated paperwork. To register, please call Mike at 406-239-2717. This tournament is on the honor system. If an age- related protest is filed, I am obliged to ask for proof of identification. This has not happened in all our years, but the option remains, and the burden of proof is the responsibility of the player in question. The Tournament Director will make final determinations in this situation.  

     If a team manager is struggling with filling your roster, please call the Tournament Director and communicate your situation. I have been able to assist with almost every situation. If the team manager does not communicate with me, I am less able to be of assistance. 

 All teams will play 3 games of pool play on Saturday                                                          All teams will play 2 medal round games on Sunday.

Gold, Silver, Bronze medals for top three finishers in each age division. Tournament Director will make final determination on bracket placements for teams, as situations occasionally arise that call for creative bracketing to improve the odds of parity and quality competition.

  • Mercy Rule:15 runs after 5 innings. 


  • Teams may only score Five runs per inning except in the open inning. The open inning is unlimited runs allowed.


  • No catch-up rule. (We do not use the local +45 league run rule where a team can catch up and go ahead by five. We do not do that. It is only five runs per inning per team except the open inning.


  • Game Clock will be set at 70 minutes.


  • Halo Rule. Any ball hit directly back over the pitching rubber Shall be called a dead ball out; unless that ball is high enough over the pitcher’s head that he cannot catch it. In that case it is a clean base hit. This rule is in place for safety. It is meant to discourage batters from going directly up the middle with their hits. 


  • Home run rule: 3 +1.


  • All homeruns over the limit will be ruled a dead ball out.


  • Each team may have two players who are two years younger than the age group they are playing in. For example, in the +50 division a team could have two 48-year-olds on their roster. 


  • Flip flop rule: If the home team is behind by five runs or more the teams shall flip-flop in the final inning. This is done to save time and keep us on schedule. 


  • Defensive Alignment


  • All teams 60 years old and older may play 11 men on defense. 


  • A player may pinch run only one time per inning. But they may pinch run once in every inning.


  • Tie Games: The international tiebreaker rule format shall be used in all tie game situations. The batter who made the last out the previous inning begins the next inning at second base. A run must score for a team to win.


  • All batters shall begin with a one and one count.


  • No courtesy foul ball.


  • A pregame coin toss will be used to determine home or visitor.


  • Home book is the official book.


  • Open inning: The 6th inning begins at the instant the 3rd out is recorded or the 5th run crosses the plate in the 5th inning. If the timer hadn't expired prior to that pitch, teams would play 2 more innings (6th at 5 runs per side and the 7th inning being an open / unlimited runs inning

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