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Rhino Rumble Bubba's

Shawn Hollenback earned the esteemed and highly sought after "Making two outs in one inning Bubba." Not bad for a lead-off hitter. Great job Shawn, it brought a smile to ALL your teammates faces. There have been several narrow escapes this season. Hmmm? Wonder if Shawn could ever win this Bubba twice in the same season?

The CSI Bubba goes to Dean Thompson for his crack investigative work on the infamous "Poodle-Boy" posting. Dean's ability to take advantage of the comfort of the dugout setting to catch Jeff off guard by posing a seemingly innocent question, busted this case wide open. Before Jeff realized what he had said, he had said too much. Down goes James, Down goes Jeff. Busted... Book 'em Deano, I mean Dano...Case closed...Hi-Ho Silver Away. Great job Dean. We sleep more soundly at night knowing justice has been served.

A Geritol Moment Bubba goes to Tracy. Tracy turned many sweet double plays this weekend. It was fun to watch. He did however miss out on one tailor-made double play vs. Silver Dollar when he forgot one little how many outs there were in the inning. Tracy fielded the ground ball, stepped on second......and...had a Geritol Moment. We will blame that one on Mike Fuchs. We don't ever have anything to blame on Mike so...why not implicate him in this one.

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