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Superior Tournament Bubba

This is the Bubba formerly known as the "Shawn Hollenbeck, two outs in one inning" Bubba. The Board has unanimously voted to rename this Bubba to now be known as the "Shawn Hollenbeck, kiss your poodle on the lips twice in one inning," Bubba". The Board felt this new name, more accurately captured the spirit and the poodle-like essence of the softball player for whom this Bubba is named. Okay..with that said..We honor this week's Bubba winners:

He's baaack. He did it againnn...for the second time this year, Shawn Hollenbeck has kissed his poodle on the lips twice in one inning........ Yahoo!! Poodle-Boy rides again. Shawn is in first place by a whole bunch for this Bubba..and I cannot tell a lie, James and Jeff told me they are pulling for Shawn to do it again.

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