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Keith Thompson/Ron Corr +35 Tournament Bubbas

There was some mighty fine softball played this past weekend. There was also a little bit of Bubba Ball played. We would like to honor three of our teammates for their Bubba moments during the tournament. They are:

Mike Fuchs...Mike earned the "Shawn Hollenback, two outs in one inning, Bubba". Dean Thompson gets an assist. Nice job Deano. Mike earned this Bubba in the second game on Saturday, playing against the City Bar team out of Great Falls. The details of the Bubba are as follows: In the first inning of this game, Mike, batting in the #2 spot, made the first out. Nine of our next 10 hitters got on base and Mike came up again in the 1st, with two outs. Dean Thompson, who earned notoriety earlier in the year when he cracked the case of the infamous Shawn and Muffin the Poodle posting, by left-field and Jeff. Dean is also the head coach of the Libby Loggers girls fastpitch team and is trained to be on his toes in the dugout. As Mike was getting ready for his second at bat of the inning, Dean innocently asked Mike, "What is the name of that award you get for making two outs in the same inning? That is an innocent enough question.There is a slight chance the thought of this Bubba slipped it's way into Mike's thought process. At any rate Mike went on to join Shawn Hollenback as winners of this prestigious Bubba. Despite Mike's fine efforts, Team Geritol was able to win this game 29-16. Atta boy Michael..we are proud of you.

Dean Thompson...By golly, the softball Gods saw fit to honor Deano with prestigous, Roger Wilhite Commemorative Strikeout Bubba. Unlike Roger though, Deano went down looking. Dean also experienced a momentary mood swing immediately following this strikeout. He dropped below the grief line. A person has dropped below the grief line when they are too bummed out to be teased or talked to. Deano was there. True to form however, Dean made an emotional comeback and was once again available for some good nature statements of support. Atta boy Deano. We won't tell the girls on your team. What happens on the field stays on the field.....and the website.

Rich Hoffman... Call it the curse of the big inning. When a guy gets to bat twice in one inning it can be a fine thing....or it can be a close encounter of a very different kind. It can take a good man we saw this weekend with Rich joining Mike Fuchs in the "Shawn Hollenback Honorary Two outs in one inning club". Rich had this happen to him in our first game Sunday morning, against Mr. C's. In our 11 run 4th inning, in an admirable attempt to keep the game close, Rich made the 1st and the 3rd outs of this inning. Again, despite his efforts, we were able to pull the game out.

Nice work Mike, Deano and Rich, the season is not over. More teammates will surely join you. And...who knows, one of you may even take your Bubbas to new heights by becoming the first Double-Bubba winners in your respective categories. Ah, the possibilities are endless. that is part of what makes softball such a fun game to play.

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