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"C" District Tournament Bubbas

James gets a Bubba for falling down and bonking his head on the way to the coin flip. He musta bonked it good cause he was displaying all the classic signs of profound confusion. James normally enters the coin flip arena with a humble, mischievous, yet good nature confidence that the Softball Gods can appreciate and take under their wings. Holy Cow, not this weekend. Poor old Sailor James fell overboard the Good Ship Geritol and suddenly remembered he could not swim. We played 7 games in this tournament and James was 2-5. That in itself is not the issue. You win some and you lose some. The issue is that James was flip-flopping around like a fortune teller with a broken crystal ball. All of a sudden he was mumbling something about calling heads when he knew he should have called tails and then the next game he went out and called heads again even though he knew it was going to be tails and it was tails and he didn't know why he called heads and maybe next time he should call heads again because I mean it just couldn't be tails again...Oh my god!!! May the Softball Gods forgive me but I had to swear at him in the dugout before the final game to snap him out of his head injury type thinking. He was mumbling something about going to San Francisco and forgetting to wear flowers in his hair and something else about playing Sheep Keno when he was growing up in Shelby. Being sworn at seemed to unbonk James' head. We talked and he got his bubble back between the lines. Made a clear headed decision to call tails and the Softball Gods who had been waiting for him the last 5 games, welcomed him back...with tails and we were home team again. Good Lord!

As we all know, these are tenuous times in the sports world. The Board of Bubbas is being forced to give Allen a Bubba. Legal action has been threatened against Team Geritol by the SPCS, if some mention was not made of what transpired in the final game on Sunday. The SPCS is also known as The Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Sunglasses. . Perhaps we will see Allen with a new pair of sunglasses next week, perhaps we will see Allen with his old pair of sunglasses and some neat little wad of red tape wrapped around the bow. His dang old sunglasses went 0-4 in the last game and it was just a little more than Allen could take. Being the highly competitive young blood he is (which we all appreciate), he was forced to vent his frustration. By the way I did get Allen's permission to award him this Bubba. He was a good sport about it. We should also mention he was amongst the team leaders in hitting for the weekend. Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Bubba's Allen, glad to have you aboard.

Our final Bubba goes to Patrick. We didn't feel right awarding this Bubba to Patrick until we knew he was feeling okay after the tournament and that his recovery from the water skiing accident was still on track. We spoke with Patrick yesterday and he assured us he is feeling good and strong and will be better than ever for the State Tournament.....With that goods news in hand.......the Board unanimously agrees that is is only right that we award Patrick the Billy Buckner Bubba. Oopsie!! Billy Buckner is a Hall of Famer and so is our friend Patrick. We wouldn't be the same team without him....and yes Patrick had a Billy Buckner moment this past weekend. It is time to grab it, get it out in the open, slap it around a bit, have some fun with it, be the boss of it and not let it be the boss of us.....and certainly not leave it unBubba'd, as though it never happened. We can't ever take those moments too seriously. The Softball Gods give each of a turn at these kind of moments. They happen to all of us. At that particular point in just happened to be Patrick's turn. Atta boy Patrick.

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