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State "C" Tournament Bubbas

The I-90, One-Day, Round-Trip, Back-To-Back Weekends, Bubba...goes to Mike Fuchs: Mike gets this Bubba for driving to and from State Tournaments in Anaconda, on Saturday, on back to back weekends. Two weekends ago, Mike drove to Anaconda, on Saturday morning, for the +35 State tourney. He played 3 games, won 1, lost 2, on field 3, and drove home to Missoula Saturday evening. Last weekend, (sing along, you know the words) Mike drove to the State C tourney, in Anaconda, on Saturday morning, played 3 games, won 1, lost 2, on field 3, and drove home to Missoula on Saturday evening. Mike is going to the State +40 tournament in Great Falls with us, on August 25-26. God Bless Great Falls, as they never send anyone home on Saturday. In fact, in Great Falls, you have to win a game, in order to get out of the tournament.

The "As The World Turns," "Days of Our Lives," Coin-Flip-Soap Opera, Bubba...goes to James: Unbelievable!!?? It does not matter that James did not win the first coin toss, or even that we were not home team any of the 3 games we played. That will never matter. Once James gets his bubble back between the lines, the coin flips will start coming our way. What matters..... is that for the coin toss at the start of our 2nd game.....James was MIA, man overboard and lost at sea again, He was nowhere to be found?? Of course we lost that coin toss and the subsequent toss for the 3rd game. The Softball Gods take a no-show very personally. It is one level worse than being there, winning the coin toss, and choosing to bat first. They don't like that either, but at least you were there to honor their presence. Who knows how long the Softball Gods will consequence us? We may not win another flip till halfway through the 2008 softball season..There is a lot riding on James' off-season behaviors. Jeff has requested to step in and take over the coin toss honors...if only Jeff would have been there on time for that 1st game.......which leads us to our next Bubba

The "I have lived in Montana all my life and everyone knows Anaconda is only 40 miles from Missoula," Bubba: goes to Jeff and Julie Weaver. For Gosh Sakes!! Does anyone really buy their story that they thought Anaconda was a 40 minute drive from Missoula??? A reliable but anonymous source named James, told me that what really happened, is that Jeff and Julie drove through downtown Deer Lodge and after driving past the old Montana State Prison, were so overcome with romantic feelings....that they found a local tattoo parlor and had their names tatooed "somewhere discreet" on each other...James isn't sure where...butt he has his theories. Maybe that old romantic fool Jeff will come clean and tell us the real story. We are his friends, we think it is special that he would want to permanentize his love for Julie. Show us that tatoo Jeff. It will be a whole lot more dignified than having us think you really believed Anaconda was 40 miles from Missoula.

The Blonde-Poodle moment Bubba:..goes to Julie Hollenbeck. Julie earned this Blonde moment Bubba for managing to get her husband Shawn, their 3 kids, and their irreverent electronic sign board to the State tournament....but forgetting one little item...her suitcase and all her clothes. It was left home, neatly packed, somewhere in their house. Now I can't help but think that if Shawn really loves Julie as much as he is constantly telling us in the dugout...(which I imagine is partly responsible for Jeff wanting to more deeply profess his love, for his wife Julie), then I am thinking that rather than taking the time and energy to write something on that high tech, electronic sign board. like "Go deep poodle boy James," Shawn could have written something useful and helpful like "Remember your luggage Julie." Just a thought.

Please check the softball talk forum for some very interesting input from a non-team member. This neutral party happens to have some valuable input about the real reason that Jeff and Julie were late for the opening game of the State Tournament. Very interesting indeed.

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