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1st Annual Travis Holzworth "Bulldog Classic" - Friday, August 28, 2009

We were 2-2...which is better than most people would expect a team of Poodle Kissers to do in a Bulldog Classic.

We were honored to participate in this event. It is great to see the softball community take care of its' own. Travis is a softball lover and an example of how people who love the game continue to be an important part of it.

1st Game..vs. Edge/Game Cocks..Helena..Lose 17-5..

These boys had a tough squad put together...and amazingly they were on the opposite side of the bracker of Rich, "The Bracket-Master" Hoffman's team. Rich's team sure has had good luck the last few tournaments when it comes to the brackets...he must be living a good life...He will sure look great in that pink shirt the next time he plays with us.

We led this game 2-0 after 1 inning and it was all down hill from there. Chris Jones did his best to help us, hitting 3 home runs in 3 at bats. Chris is swinging a new 26 oz. Juggernaut, that is being very very good to him. David pitched in with a little pink of the called strike three variety. David is making a serious run at Smoochie Von Hollenback's season record of pink put-ons. There was a time when Smoochie's record was considered untouchable..David needs 3 more pinks in this tournament and he will surpass Puppy-lips Hollenback as the all time single season record holder. As a team, we were 13-32 for a game average of .406..Yikes!!

2nd game vs. Boomers: Won 19-15:

Boomers was home team. James claimed he got robbed on the coin toss..Not sure how that could happen? Both teams started off slowly. at the end of 2 innings, the score was 3-1 them guys. In the top of the 3rd, we scored 11 runs, highlighted by Mike Fuchs home run. This put us up 12-3. Boomers stayed quiet until the 4th inning when they began hitting the ball the way we expect them to. They chipped away at our lead and after 6 innings, it was a tie game 15-15..(our favor). In the top of the 7th David Thompson got a hit, Brandon also hit safely, and Patrick came through big time with a 3 run homer. Chris Jones also scored in this inning, with some good base running and we led 19-15 going into the bottom of the 7th. Their 2-3, and 4 hitters were coming to bat, but the Softball Gods were smiling on us and we were able to get them out without giving up any runs. Anice win for us. We have to win one more game today to get into Sunday.

3rd game..vs Reds..Win 16-9:

Oh Good God!!!I thought Barney the Purplel Dinosaur was a sight to see..Zilla the Pink Gorilla, was a head shaker. Atta boy Mikey, put em on and wear them with pride. Something Smoochie was never able to do. When ol'Smoochie wore the pink, his tail was between his legs.

Ok. we are having fun...but we also know we need win this game to get into Sunday. It became clear fairly early on that we were winning and having more fun. Reds had a nice combination of players from 2 generations. Jeff Hibbert and his son Derek were playing together. It is always a cool thing to see fathers and sons' together on a team.

Brandon hit 2 home runs for us this game. David Felker was 3-3 atta boy David. We'll have to dress Zilla up in pink more often. As a team we had our best game of the tourney, hitting 28-44, for a team average of .636.

4th game...vs. Paradise Falls Blue Sox: Lose 25-14:

Sunday morning. Here we go again playing the Blue Sox. Dang their miscolored souls. They have had our number for most of the year. We beat them in the Elbow Room on our way to winning that tourney; howeever they eliminated us at State...and today they eliminated us from this tourney. WE started off scoring 4 in the 1st, compliments of a home run by Chris Jones. The Blue Sox were hitting the ball very well today and at the end of 3, they led 11-5. At the end of 4, they led 18-11. At the end of 5 they led 21-12, and at the end of f6 they were up 25-14. They scored almosot every inning and we did not. Brandon hit 2 home runs for us this game and Chris hit one. Chief "He who pops up to the infield" did just that and celebrated with an impromptu Snow Angel on the 1st base line

2009 State "B" Tournament...Helena - Thursday, August 6, 2009

Interesting feelings..I was more nervous last year, driving to the State "C" tourney, than to this year's "B" State. It has been a good year for us. The move to "B" and the reactions from local teams, considering us a ":B" team, and not wanting us to play in local "C" tournaments, has built our confidence. More on that later.

1st Game..vs Old Chicago..Billings..Lose 26-14, in 6 innings.

This was a good team. They are a long standing "B" team, as well as one of the premier +35 teams in the State. Even though they 12 runned us, I believe they beat us in one inning, with 2 outs. After 3 innings, the score was 10-9 Team Geritol. Old Chicago came to bat in the top of the 4th and scored 14 runs on us. They had scored 4 and had 2 outs on them....and then went on an incredible, back breaking 10 run., 2 out rally. Take away that inning and we whupped them....hmmm..okay so that's lame. It was not that we did not was that this is "B" State and good teams have good innings..That is the nature of softball at this level. We have been beaten by the big inning a number of times this year...more than usual it seems. ...

We had 10 runs after 2 innings...and then scored only 4 more runs in our next 4 at bats. Can't do that. Old Chicago beat us on clean, hard hits. Our defense was solid.

Brandon continued his tape measure home run display, by hitting over the left field fence, over the top of the driving net on the golf course, through the woods and to Grandmother's house in his first at bat. I am guessing that it went about 2 1/2 miles....ok...I said a million times I will quit exaggerating. It was a monster shot. Brandon hit a total of 3 home runs for us in this game. Interesting fact is that as a team we were 21-37, for a team game average of .567. This was our highest game average in the tournament. It was also our biggest loss. other new worthy items in this game were: James and Henry winning the coin toss...Jeff, hurting his knee on the very first play of the game and Julie blaming it on me for dumping his beer at the start of a game in St. Regis, 5 years ago.

2nd game..vs. Superman..Kalispell..Win 11-3....

Let's see...Smoochie was 3-4 in our 1st game and we lost...he was 0-4 in this game and we win...hmm?? I only mention this in a philosophical context. This was a slow starting game. The score after 5 innings was 4-3 Geritol. We scored 5 in the 6th, 2 in the 7th, and won 11-3. Brandon hit another ball over the fence, across the street, into the yard, far far away. Their pitcher commented that it was the longest home run he has ever given up.

Zilla also hit one out of Jurrasic Park for us...and added meaning to his nickname by bare handing a line drive, much like that big monkey on the Empire State building, swatting at airplanes and bullets in the movies. Except that he had left his pretty blonde honey back in Missoula. As a team we were 20-41 for a game average of .478.

3rd game..vs. Blue Sox..Missoula..Lose 11-10...

Here we go again...Blue Sox revisited..We have a good rivalry with these guys. We have bummed them out and they have bummed us out. Unfortunately it was their turn to do the bumming out. The bums.

The Blue Sox scored the tieing and winning runs in the bottom of the 7th with two outs. Tough loss..Big fish got away. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, darn, dang, shoot, phooey, rats, cats, and pink poodle dogs. Solemnness after the game. Lots of disappointment, but even more respect for each other. The true cololrs of a team show in moments like this. We have nice colors...other than pink. Never, not even once, has anyone said anything negative to anyone on this team. Win as a team, lose as a team. We just did not play to our potential, despite really really wanting to win this game. 10 runs is a good inning, as Oldl Chicago showed us. Everyone wanted to make it to Sunday and what hurt most is that it was right there for us. the Softball Gods played no favorites. It was ours to earn against a tough team and it just did not happen. Fortunately sad goes away and blends into the season long collage of memories.

Patrick hit 2 home runs and Brandon hit one in this game. As a team we were 19-39 for a game average of .487. This is the same average as our previous game. We had a 10-8 lead after five innings and were not able to score in the 6th or 7th.

I will write more later. I will be gone for a week. but will enter some season stats and thought on return. We still have a possible tournament or two remaining. I won't say goodbye to the season yet. Thanks guys. This has been my favorite team ever to play with.

Poodle Creek...up Hollenback Gulch..on Smoochie Mountain - Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Come August in Montana, many of the little tributaries and mountain streams dry up. Cease to flow. Slow to a trickle, disappear until the following spring. However there is a certain creek around these parts, that runs a different course. Odd, sort of senseless little creek. No fish, can't drink the pinkish-tinted water. It will give a grown man the bug-eyed yips, and a terrible bad itchin'..been known to make a lead-off hitter scoot around on his hind end in the left field grass. Known as Poodle Creek, its' source is somewhere up Hollenback Gulch, just below Smoochie Mountain, on Shawn and Julie flats. The dang thing never seems to dry up. It slows to a piddle from time to time, but just when you think it might go bubbles back to life.

The wayward critter wandered its' way to my front porch this past weekend. Washed up some bad poodle poetry, some pink poster board, and four or five family pictures from the Hollenback photo albums. There it all was, taped to the wood chair on my front porch. Only thing it didn't wash up was accountibility. Even though everyone knows Poodle Creek flows out of Hollenback Gulch. Most up-right folks get down-right ornery about claiming their water rights. Unless of course he or she has been going upstream with their Poodle to piddle.. Yep...I had me a front porch full of pink Poodle piddle. Had Hollenback Gulch written all over it. Pink as the dickens. ......So...just as sure as there are Smoochie scootchie marks in the left field grass...and as sure as Poodle Creek flows in both directions...we'll have to wait and see what the backwash brings to Hollenback Gulch. Justice is a thirsty soul.

Superior Tournament....R.I.P. - Thursday, July 23, 2009

That Smoochie Hollenback sure comes from good stock. His parents are gracious, humble, well mannered, they hold still and talk with you, they don't call you funny names. All I can figure is that Da'Smoocha was the youngest child, the last puppy, a pink little baby poodle boy. We want to thank Mr. and Mrs Hollenback for hosting us at their home between games, feeding us, and letting everyone except James use their restroom. They are kind and wise people. We wish our stay at Superior had been longer. An anonymous source, whose cover name is Mrs. H. told me that her son met his little league coach at the Superior tournament. They talked awhile and soon the conversation turned to Shawn's little league days. His coach had a nickname for him that our confidential informant thought was website material. Who am I to argue. If a confidential source gives you some inside info, you just have to use it, else your source may dry up...and that would be terrible. 'Weenie-arm Hollenback" Can you believe that. I mean the guy has a cannon. Oh well, who am I to argue with a confidential source?

Darn..I have more to write, but I just got a call from the Governor and need give him some help on legislative matters, something about concealed jousters in National Parks.

Okay, I am back. I think we got that concealed jouster bill defeated.

Superior Tourney Prose

Smoochie and David

Whatta ya' think?

Don't those two

Look great in pink?

Okay, Here are some stats for our weekend in Superior. We were 2-1 for the weekend and we finished in the top 39. Which is not bad considering there were 600 teams. First game vs. unamed team from Idaho. Win 11-10

We started off slowly, but in typical Geritol fashion, rallied with 5 runs in the 7th inning to take our first lead of the game, 11-9. The Idaho team had the hammer and made a run at us in the bottom of the 7th, scoring one run and having the tieing and winning runs on base when we finally got them out. As a team we were 17-37 for a game average of .459....Lower than our usual winning game average, but good enough to squeak out this win. Brandon Thompson hit a home run for us in the second.

Second game vs. unnamed team from Washington/Idaho. Win 14-6.

We played this game at the city park, which is where we played several years back, winning the 1-pitch tournament. Brandon's friend, "Maui" hit 2 home runs for us. The second of his Hula Homers came in an 8 run 3rd inning. Maui also played excellent defense, taking away several fly balls from Shawn. Shawn's arm is probably a little stronger than Maui's. At least that is what I overheard Shawn saying to his kids.

As a team, we were 21-36 for a game average of .583. This game provided several highlights...and delights...David struck out twice, which brought his 2 game total to 3 foul ball strikeouts. The man was pinker than a second grade girl's birthday party. Smoochie also managed to hit a strike three pitch way foul, I mean..parking lot foul, earning his second degree pink belt....therein lies the delight. I hope Shawn has had his rabies shots, because the boy was mad enough to bite himself. I got a picture of it, but Jeff didn't post it because...I think he is scared to. He thinks Shawn might bite him too. Softball!!! What a great game.

Third game vs Boomers..Lose 12-4....well .......crap!

Dang the dang luck. We have played these guys well in the past. They ended up winning the tournament, which did not surprise anybody, however I think all of us believed we had a good chance of winning this game if we hit well...We didn't and we didn't. Jeeze..for me it was like going to Disneyland and only getting to get on one or two rides. For Jeff and James it was like going to Freds and there being no dancers. That is why Jeff didn't play. As we were leaving the field, eliminated from the tourney, other teams were just getting there, not even having played yet. I had flashbacks and they were creepy. Playing with Geritol has spoiled me. I am used to waving goodbye to people as they leave on Sunday. Oh the Softball Gods...along with a little help from our ex-friend and bracket-master, Rich Hoffman, did not smile on us this weekend. He set us up with the great start time (noon) on Saturday..and then gave us 2 easy games. He then rewarded us with...Oh my! Boomers..We've got a 2XL pink shirt waiting for Richie boy...We'll do a team vote to make sure it is fair. They call him...the Pink Hammer. You know, in hindsight, we eliminated Rich's team from St. Regis...we eliminated his team from the Elbow Room Tourney.....Hmmm???

The team was 16-35 for a game average of .457....okay, maybe that had a llittle bit to do with the outcome of the game..Boomers played a 5 man infield and we provided them with positive reinforcement for that decision. Call it a hunch, the next time we play them, there is a good chance we will again see that defense. We have made them get out of that defense in the past, by hitting the outfield gaps. Today, we just were not able to get it done.

Playing with us in Superior this weekend were: James, Chief Troublemaker, Stokes, Zilla Dimmitt, Mike The Bookie Fuchs, Don Cherry Wine, Jerry Jerky Stroot, Brandon Bearhug Thompson, Shawn The weenie armed smoocher Hollenback, Jerod Maui, friend of Brandon, Lance What can Brown do for you, Horner, Jon Smiley Riley, David Pinkie Felker, and plain old me.

We will have to let this one sink in. We have State B to look forward to. I think it will be fun. We have nothing to lose...really...2009 has taught us that we can beat B teams. We are not imposters in the B Division. When we play well and have our whole team there, we can give most teams a run for their money. I look forward to that at State.

Website updates - Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have been taking some grief from a a certain faction of lads who were likely weaned too early. Apparently I have not been keeping the website updated. I am not one to make excuses, however I feel for the sake of a clearer understanding of the big picture, I should offer some insights into why the wesite has not been operating like a daily newspaper, arriving fresh at your doorstep, morning after morning, just as sure as the smell of burnt toast and bacon wafts across the breakfast tables of western Montana... Roundabout malufuntion...ever heard of it? If you haven' soon will. It i s coming to Missoula big time. You know roundabouts? Those $600,000, circley things they put in busy intersections to help clear up traffic confusion. These roundabouts are from England and they come over here on a boat. When they put them in, they have to be careful to make sure that they put them in correctly. English drive on the other side of the road because that is how they did it back in the days of jousting. There are no left-handed jousters, and there is no jousting at all in Montana. It has been outlawed. Chief Stokes claims that Sheep jousting under a full moon, is a popular family reunion sport in Shelby, and it may well be. However the last of the known cattle jousters passed away in the early 1900's.

There has recently been a proposal to allow people to carry concealed jousters in our National Parks. I sure hope this does not pass. .....So there you have it.

Elbow Room Champions..Thank you to the Softball Gods - Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well this was a weekend for the memory book....and if I don't get the website updated, I will have to give James the administrative password. Yikes!! I will do the books tonight and enter the stats tomorrow.

What is more important than the stats, however, is that we were fortunate enough to turn a big challenge into a great opportunity. We did not give up our right to win. Every team has the right to win, some teams haven't learned to believe it yet. Over the past few years, we have learned how to win and this weekend, that knowledge and experience served us well. You stay humble, stay calm, be good to each other, invite the kids into the dugout, keep James away from the younger, more impressionable players, pay homage to the Softball Gods, and there is a good chance things will turn out well.

It also did not hurt that we picked up a direct descendant of Paul Bunyan, the Mythological Lumberjack and Monster Home Run Hitter. Brandon is the son of a first generation Team Geritol player, David Thompson. What a nice thought, that there is another generation of Team Geritol players growing up. When we get older, it will be fun to watch them.

Thanks for a great, great, weekend guys. Playing with Team Geritol this weekend were: James, Zilla, Patrick, Mike and Mark Fuchs, Chris, Travar, Brandon, Brodie, Lance, David, Mike P. and three stalwart pickups, Ryan Cook, Tommy Thompson, and Ryan Jeter..Derek's younger cousin.

1st Game vs Gamecocks/ Helena..Win 17-15:

This opening game draw, seemed llike starting out in the deep end of the pool, as the Gamecocks have been a mainstay in the "B" ranks for several years. That, and the fact they speak a couple of different stripey pants languages, can be a bit intimidating. Both teams started slowly. We helped ourselves by scoring 8 runs in the 4th inning. This gave us a 14-4 lead. The Gamecocks never were able to have a big inning. We scored just enough runs to give us a 17-12 lead going into the bottom of the 7th. The Gamecocks scored 3 runs, to close the game to 17-15. The good news is that we had 2 outs on them. the bad news was that their #3 hitter, Izzy, was up to bat. This guy seems so automatic that I feel safe in saying, he was giving all of us the creeps. We knew the game was 2 swings away from being tied. Somehow Zilla, who pitched a masterful tournament, was able to get Izzy to pop up to end the game. Oh baby!! There was some really cool, quiet eye contact amongst our team, as we came off the field, knowing we had just pulled off a sweet upset.

We played excellent defense this game. Our team battting average was okay, not great, but good enough to win. We were 24-44 for a team batting average of .545. We were assisted by two absolute monster home runs by Brandon. The first of which landed in the middle of the infield on field 5, and according to various accounts, one-hopped to the 1st base coach. Other reports have the trajectory of the ball being spotted on airport radars as far away as Boise Idaho. Either way, it was a very exciting home run to watch, made only that much more special by the fact that it was hit by someone on our team. It was also one that I suyspect will get longer and longer as time and stories go by.

2nd game..vs. Young Guns..Kalispell..Lose 8-4:

Well, I don't know. We picked the right time to have a poor game. The first two tourney games were our guarantee games. Bracket play begins after this game. Not much to say. Brandon did hit two more "no-doubters" out of the park for us. The team was 13-31 for an average of .419. Uhm..How about that first game vs. the Gamecocks...wasn't that fun??

Game 3..vs. Fat Boys, Kalispell...Win 23-22..

Well, well. If the Fatboys were watching our game vs the Young Guns, we had them fooled, as we came out and scored 14 runs in the top of the first inning. Brandon and Patrick each hit 2, count-em two, home runs in the first inning. Brodie contributed to the long ball parade with a three run shot of his own. All in all, we hit 5 dingers in the first inning. Speaking of fame and glory, James and Mike Fuchs each had chances to make two outs in this prolific inning, but came through with clutch hits. Mike with a line shot, James with an opposite field, two strike, seeing eye, off the end of the bat blooper.

The Fatboys stayed with us the whole game. It was 16-10 after 2 innings. Brodie hit another three run shot for us in the 4th to put us up 21-14. The Fatboys outscored us 8-2 in the final three innings, to make for an exciting finish. We led by 1 run, 23-22 going into the bottom of the 7th. Their 8-9&10 hitters were up. Their first hitter singled. Thier second hitter went out. Their third hitter, flew out, which advanced the runner from 1st to 2nd. Zilla appealed the runner leaving the base early and the umpire upheld Mikey's appeal, ending the game. It is good this happened because, Fatboy's number 1 and 2 hitters were up next. Between the two of them, they were 10-10, with 2 home runs. A fun game..and a disappointing loss for the Sadboys.

This gave us 2 wins for the day. One by 2 runs, the other by 1 run. As a team, we were 34-54, for an average of .629. It was a fun game against a very good team.

4th game: vs Paradise Falls/Blue Sox..Win 33-25..:

Our old buddies, the BlueSox. We have a history of back and forth games with them. This was the only contest of the tournament in which James was at peace with the Coin Toss Gods. We have had lots of battles with the Blue Sox. It seems that when they beat us, they often do it with the helpof a big inning . With the exception of our championship game victory over them in the Rhino Rumble, we have had to put a lot of runs on the board to beat them. we put a lot of runs on the board..33 in fact. They put up 25, which will win most games, but not today.

We scored runs in every inning of this game. Averaging over 5 per inning, as we did not bat in the bottom of the 7th. Lance, Patrick, and Brandon each hit 2 home runs for us. Not to be outdone, the Blue Sox not only hit their 6 home runs, they also hit 2 more that were called outs. Our defense was very solid. Infield as well as outfield. We hit great from top of the line up to the bottom. Aargh!! Our team was 41-58 for a tournament high, team average of .706. Praise the Lord, thanks be to the Softball Gods and a great Team Geritol gene pool. We are in the undefeated game Sunday morning versus Boomers. May they go to the Luau with James. James is the Mata Hari of our team. He lures the unsuspecting opposition into trouble, using his gregarious, seemingly innocent Shelby farm boy, shennagins. James has won many a Sunday morning game for us...on Saturday night. Almost as many as he has cost us.

5th game..vs Boomers..Win 5 innings...pinch me, am I dreaming?

Who'd a thunk it? Surely not Boomers. We scored 5 in the top of the first. Brandon hit the first pitch he saw, far, far over the fence. This was the 1st of 3 home runs for him in this game. In the 2nd inning, Patrick hit the first of his two home runs in this game. In our 11 run, 4th inning, Ryan Cook hit a wonderful grand slam, to help us open up a 20-1 lead after 4 innings. Boomers managed 2 runs in the bottom of the 5th, but it was too little, too late, as the game was called on the 12 run rule.

Boomers must have gone out with James. They are just too good of a team to have this kind of a game. Mike Dimmitt pitched a great game and deserves his share of the credit. Boomers sent only 23 batters to the plate in 5 innings. That is just over 4 plate appearances and 1 hit per inning. As a reference point, we sent 41 batters to the plate. an average of just over 8 at bats and 5 hits per innings. As a team we were 26-41 for an average of .634. Another one for the memory books guys.

6th game: Championship vs Mathews/Solocam/One Way Out, Hamilton..Won 19-17:

Mathews started off slowly, not scoring until the 4th inning, in which they tallied 8 runs, to close the game to a 13-8 lead for us. Patrick continued his display of power by hitting two more long balls, giving him a total of 8 home runs for the weekend. Ryan Cook hit his second homer of the day. Our other two pickups, Ryan, the smooth fielding shortstop, and Tommy Thompson, batting leadoff, also hit the ball out of the park. Tommy was 8-8 and Ryan was 6-7 on sunday. The Recruitment Gods took over where the Coin Toss Gods left off. We are most thankful for that.

This game had a lot of suspense.Although we continued to score, Solocam's bats were heating up, and they were home team. In the top of the 7th, we scored 3 big runs, highlighted by Ryan Cooks homer. This gave us a precarious 19-15 lead. In the bottom of the 7th, Solocam scored 2 runs, bring the score to 19-17, they had the bases loaded and 2 outs, with our friend, Rich Hoffman at the plate. The wind was blowing out. Rich had hit a 3 run homer earlier in the game, and the winning runs were on base. A hard single would have tied the game. Mikey Dimmitt did everything he could do to increase the chances of a victory, pitching 3 straight balls. None of which were hittable. On the 3-0 count, with everyone thinking Mike might just walk Rich, Zilla pitched a borderline strike, that would have been hard to hit, but prevented the walk. The next pitch was key, Rich was probably thinking, maybe Mike wasn't going to walk him, and prepared himself to hit. Zilla pitched what would have been ball four, but Rich had prepared himself to hit and popped it up, ending the game. Rich handled it well, trusting the softball Gods will give him his turn next time, and helping himself fell better by raising the entry fee of the Superiour Tournament to $350 for us.

Unbelievable tournament for us. Huge deposit in the "feel good account." Lord knows every team needs money in that account, as the Softball Gods make random withdrawals, from all who play the game.

Here are a few tourney stats:

Team batting average: 165/258 = .639 team batting average for 6 games.

Home runs..Brandon ..11


Brodie 2

Lance ..2

Ryan Cook..2

Ryan and Tommy..1 each.

This gives us a total of 27 home runs for 6 games...just a wee bit above our average.

Patrick and Brandon led the team in hitting, with identical stats of: 20/26 for.769 averages. We awarded the tourney MVP to Brandon, not just because of his stats, but the fact that he put both James and Patrick in bearhugs and roughed them up a little. It was a comforting, karma-like, sight to see. James has been talking trash in Brandon's absence. For some reason, when I visualize that, I keep seeing Yogi and Booboo Bear. Brandon and James, Yogi and Booboo. Which one is Yogi? Which one is Booboo? I think I know. Heeeyyy Chief Booboo.

Thanks guys for an incredible weekend. 2008 was magical, it looks like 2009 may have some magic of it's own. Thank you to our wives and families for letting us play ball on Father's Day weekend. We are indeed lucky souls.

MSA Tournament..2009 Softball has begun - Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hooray!! The season is officially underway. Here are stats from the Miissoula Softball Association Tournament. We finished in 3rd place, with a 4-2 record.

1st game vs. Octane of Great Falls:

We lost this game 15-14, and it was Chief Heads I Lose, Tails You Win, who cost us the game, by losing yet another coin toss. We started off strong, going up 5-0 in the 1st inning. In fact we led the entire game until Octane's cleanup hitter, who was 0-3 at that point in the game, hit a 2 out, 3 run, walk-off homer, to give them the win. Geritol had a 14-9 lead going into the bottom of the 7th. It was an impressive comeback by Octane, as two of their first 3 batters that inning went out. They went on to score four runs, with two outs, a Geritolian type comeback, except that is was done to us, rather than by us.

As a team we were 25-43 for a game ave. of .581. We hit no homers this game. Travar wore pink to pay his fine for not signing the roster. Travar manned up....unlike Shawn Hollenback who also did not sign the roster, but who skanked out of his responsibility and did not wear the pink. Shawn is claiming the roster signing, pink penalty was only imposed for the first game of the season, so he does not have to wear the pink shirt. Some bizarre form of rationalization that gives outfielders a bad name. This will be our first team vote. We will conduct the vote when old Slinky Hollenback manages to get himself to the game. The Pink Poodle Kissing shirt will take a good man down. It can make a weak man sneaky, as evidenced by Smoochie Hollenback's behaviors. It can also make a healthy man ill, as evidenced by Travar's McLead's no show on Sunday. While the world today is preparing for the Swine Flu, last weekend Travar was striken ill by the Poodle Smooching Flu. That boy was up all night yipping and yapping. Audrey says Travar got all shivvery and bug-eyed. At one point in our final game on Saturday, I looked into the dugout and saw Travar wrapped in blamkets like a soccer mom. I look back now and realize this was one the symptoms of the Poodlle Smooching Flu. We wish you well Travar and hope for a full recovery. Smoochie bought up all the available vaccine for this strain of the flu. Maybe if you talk nice to him, he will share some with you.

2nd Game, vs Buzzcocks of Missoula:

Well, Chief He Who Bats First, did it again. Despite James' best efforts to dig us a hole, we managed to win this game 17-12. We trailed until the 6th inning, when we scored 6 runs to tie the game at 11-11. We then scored 6 more in the top of the 7th, holding the Buzzcocks to 1 run in their final at bat, resulting in the 17--12 final score.

Geritol was 27-46 for a team ave. of .587. this was a typical hitting game for us. In the entire tourney, we hit over .600, in but 1 of our 6 games. Patrick and Lance went deep for us. Both solo but both important.

3rd Game vs. Silver $ Missoula:

We won this game 22-20. The Chief won the coin toss and it turned out to be a huge at bat for us. Atta boy Chief. We knew you would make peace with the coin toss Gods sooner or later. Over the years we have had great games with these guys and this game was no exception. The inning by inning tally went like this 5/5...6/6...9/7...10/13...11/15...15/16...20/22. This was our best game as a team, going 37-56 for a .660 ave. The Governor, Schweitzered 3 home runs over the fence, the final one, a game winning grand salomi in the bottom of the 7th. Silver $ had scored 4 runs in the top of the 7th to take a 20-16 lead going into our final at bat. Their first out of that inning was a home run that put them over the limit. We had a strong 7th inning, sending 9 batters to the plate, with an unnamed, switch hitting, computer hacker, making the only out. Great game guys. We'd have been out of this tourney, had we lost. That would have given all of us the Poodle floodle.

Some of the Silver $ team may have caught a bit of Travar's flu as they were experiencing symptoms of profound confusion. They somehow were accidentally using an illegal 100 MPH bat that noone on the team seemed to know anything about. Man, I tell you that Poodle Flu will cloud up a bright man's thinking. Those guys have been playing softball for a long time. I hope they get their keen sense of awareness back. No fun to go through a season confused and unaware..

Sunday morning; vs Unleaded Octane:

Oh the Octane boys from Great Falls, got fueled up last night. They stayed at the pump a little too long. Their engines were not burning very clean, come game time Sunday morning. Both teams started off slowly. At the end of the 4th, the score was 2-2. Chief One For Four, lost another coin toss. Even though we ended up winning this game 12-10, the memories of yesterday's final at bat loss to these guys, was fresh in everyone's mind. Brodie provided some much needed power with a 3 run Obama in the 5th inning. The score going into the 7th was 10/8, us. We scored 2 in the top of the 7th giving us the same 4 run lead we had yesterday in the same final at bat. In fact, in the first game come from behind loss to Octane, their 9th hitter in the lineup, "JB" started off their inning. In this game, down 4 in the bottom of the 7th, #9 JB also led of the inning. Yikes!! JB and their sore-footed pitcher, (compliments of Chief Hit It Up The Middle), scored on a 2 run homer. We retired three of their next four batters, to win the game and advance to the next round. We were 23-43 for a team ave of .534

5th Game vs Team Hype Bitterroot Valley:

We won this game 14-9. The Chief uttered those seldom heard words, "Take the field boys" and we were on our way. At the end of 4 innings, we were up 12-2 and did not score much after that. Team Hype had defeated Gilley's 24-5 or something near that score, in their 1st game of the day, but their bats did not make it to this contest. It was a fun game. Lots of new faces for them. Kurt said he only had 3 returning players. We will look forward to more games with them, as they have some good young talent and will likely improve as they get more time together. Who knows, they may even be a B team next year. The team was 23-41 for an ave of .561.

6th Game vs. Paradise Falls/Blue Sox, Missoula:

Dang the luck. This is the 3rd loss in a row to these guys. They 12 runned us in 6, winning 23-8. Not much to say. They earned it and the softball Gods seemed to be wearing blue, not orange, especially during an 11 run 6th inning for them. They hit at least 4 home runs. We did not hit any. For this game, we were 17-33, for a tourney low, .515.

Here are a few more stats.

Tournament batting ave....152-262.... .580 team average.

Runs scored by Geritol ....87..for an ave of 14.5 RPG

Runs scored by opponents...88...for an ave. of 14.6 RPG.

Interesting that we were outscored in this tourney by one run and we finished in 3rd place with a 4-2 record. There was one blow out and several close games.

James and Patrick tied for hitting honors, each hitting .750. Excellent job guys.

League updates.... - Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is early information, not yet set in stone. But here is what we have at this point:

We will be playing in a 12 team "C" league.

At this point Abe has us scheduled for Wednesday eve. doubleheaders, 16 of our 20 games. The remaining four games will not be doubleheaders. Abe has worked hard to get this done and it is much appreciated.

Men's C/D will also have 12 teams

Men's D will have 20 teams.

We have a total of 126 teams this year. This is an increase of 13 teams.

The following is an unofficial list of teams playing in the "C" Division with us:

Rausch Wood....

Silver $/Hoagieville...

Paradise Falls Blue Sox


Silver Slipper/Gilleys

Red's Bar

Boomer's/1st Choice

The Loggers

Team Rhino

Zoo Town Brewers

League "D" Nuts


Again, this is not official. We will make corrections if needed.

2009 Pre-Season Poodle Smoochers' List - Saturday, April 11, 2009

Well Lordy Lordy...Our Team Geritol's, 1st Annual, Love and Logic Parenting, Pre-Season Poodle Smooching list has turned up with the names of four (4) Team Geritol players.

Don "Lend Me your Money" Chery

Deano "The DogFather" Thompson

Travar "Maybe" McLeod

Shawn "Doctor Poodle Smoocher" Hollenback.

Each of these fine athletes has earned 7 innings of pink by failing to get the roster signed. 16 other players were able to find time in their busy lives to get it done.

The MaZilla Batting Cages - Friday, April 3, 2009

That's right ...Zilla and his fine family are the new owners of the Missoula Batting Cages....They have renamed them, the MaZilla Batting Cages. Look out now sports fans....

Let's get down there and support Zilla and his family. As is always the case with the Dimmitts' this will be a family endeavor. We wish them the best. Please spread the word and help make this a success...

Friends, Romans, and Roster Signing Poodle-Smoochers - Monday, March 30, 2009

Roster Deadline (April 10th) approacheth... We have 11 signatures on the roster... 8 left to sign. 4 in town players and 4 out of town players. I am hoping no more sign before the 10th and there is a waiting list in the Poodle-Kisser shirt-wearing line.

Because we are all about equality and not wanting to cheat anyone of their opportunity for personal growth and responsibility...The Board of Bubbas has issued a decree to the 4 out of town players on the Team Geritol roster. They are:

Roger (Yuppie Harley Biker Boy) Wilhite,

David (Chainsaw) Thompson,

Dean (Grumpy) Thompson and

Don (The Whiner) Chery.

Each of these players has a Team Geritol jersey. Each of them also live outside of town. So, in the name of fairness and equal treatment, we recognize it would be unreasonable to expect these four teammates to travel to Missoula to sign the roster like the local players must do, to avoid wearing the pink poodle kisser shirt, their first 7 innings of the season. However...we recognize to have no expectations would also be unreasonable...So...The Board of Bubbas (Chief Big Buddah) has decided that each of these players need send an card/paper with their legal signature, birth date, phone number, email

Team Geritol Headquarters

1180 Vicki Drive

Missoula MT. 59804

If these roster-legal signatures are received by April 10, the Missoula Softball Association, due date, the players will be added to the roster without any penalty. However..just like each and every Team Geritol player in the 2009 season. If we have to forge your you shall wear, the first 7 innings you play. Oh Happy Day!! Can you say, "Pink Biker Yuppie Harley Boy" 10 times real's hard, but it has a sweet ring to it.

Jeff The "UniHacker" Weaver...cyber-terrorist..strikes again. - Sunday, March 22, 2009

In this world there are a few "You just don't do it," kind of things

Lick your finger and stick in your buddies ear...after the age of 12...You just don't do it.

Blow your nose and not look at it....You just don't do it..

Let a really stinky poozer around your buddies, and not be proud....You just don't do it...

Promise God you'll be really good if he will just help you with this one thing...but not really mean it...You just don't do it...You have to mean it..even if you do fall back to your heathen ways.

Tell your wife you would rather she not come to your class reunion with you...You just don't do it..

Tell Grandma her Thankgiving dinner was...ok.....You just don't do it...

Get on a friend's computer and hack pictures...You just don't do it...oh wait..Jeff The Unihacker, did that to me.

Moon people at a family reunion..You just don't do it....Oh wait..Chief Many Moons, did that...Sorry Chief, didn't mean to bring that up. Jeff's bad.

Create a website for the enjoyment of your buddies, then go techno and rig the election...I mean the the Republicans a bad name...You just don't do it....The UniHacker put some bizarre backwoods virus onto the website that allowed him absolute control of the content...A total Big Brother move...You just don't do it...The Softball Gods are watching you, Mr. UniHacker...The Poodle Gods are also watching you, Mr. UniSmoocher....

2009 Team Geritol tournament possibilites - Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is a list of tournament possibilities. I have listed the tourneys we entered in 2008. I also included several other tournaments we may consider.

April 25-26.......Missoula Softball Association

May 2-3...........C'mon Blue

May 9-10.........OPEN

May 16-17.......Rhino Rumble

May 23-24.......OPEN

May 30-31.......OPEN

June 6-7...........OPEN

June 13-14........Grateful Reds (We did not play in this last year)

June 20-21........Elbow Room

June 27-28........6th Annual Keith Thompson/Ron Corr +35

......4th Annual MT. Senior Softball Games +50-55-60-65-70

July 4-5............St Regis

July 11-12........OPEN...(Gooses' Gone Wild in Anaconda)

July 18-19.........Hot Box Bozeman..(We did not play in this last year)

July 18-19........Superior...Another possibility for this weekend.

July 25-26........."B" Districts. (Not yet confirmed if they will be held)

August 1-2.........OPEN

August 8-9........State "B" Helena.

August 15-16.....OPEN

August 22-23......State +40 Great Falls

August 30-31......OPEN

Keith Thompson/Ron Corr & Montana Senior Games, sponsored by Team Geritol - Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I want to ask a favor of the team. The +35 Thompson/Corr and the Montana Senior Softball Games will be held the last weekend in June (26-27-28). Both tourneys have been successful and continue to grow. I really need some help with running these tourneys. In the past, Jeff and James have been great help and have manned the shirt sales, filled in brackets, helped with the fields. Don Chery helped with the fields last year. David has pitched in. Sorry if I am forgetting anyone. I know several players have kindly offered their help. The problem is that even with their great help, I get overwhelmed and have a hard time keeping up.

My dream would be that the Team Geritol members could be the hosts/ambassadors of the tourney. That as many of us as possible could be there, wearing our conspicuous orange Team Geritol jerseys, and working the tourney. The Montana Senior Games requires a bit more work that the Thompson/Corr. This year we need to have a sign-in table for the Senior Games, with player and team packets to give to the participants. Each of the teams and players need have signed a waiver of liability prior to playing. If we could have 4 or 5 players sitting at this sign-in table it would be great. This would be at the start of the tourney. There are the $4.50 balls hit over the fence to be returned and reused. Teams are here from out of town, out of state, and even out of country, (Canada). They are here to have fun and they have questions to ask. re: directions, placed to eat, drink,etc. We provide bread and fruit baskets for each dugout, each game. Then collect the baskets after each game and refill them.We have shirts to sell. Shirts to award winners in the Thompson/Corr. Medals to pass out in the Senior Games. Pictures to be taken. Fields to be maintained, Brackets to be filled in...etc. etc.

With the growing success of the tourneys has come increased responsibilities. Each are wonderful tourneys that I am very proud of. I am also very proud of our Team Geritol success and what we have achieved in our short time together. I cannot think of a better group of guys and wives to be spokespersons/ambassadors for this tourney than the folks on our team. We could do this in shifts, divide it up amongst the team. In the past James and Jeff have put in long weekends. The first year, Jeff and James came the morning after Jeff's bachelor party. Now there is some dedication. I will provide more details, I just wanted to get out early notice of this, to plant the thought in your heads. Thanks for any consideration you are able to give to helping out with these fun tourneys.

2009 Roster Signing/Personnel Issues & Concerns - Thursday, February 19, 2009

MSA will hold the 1st Captain's Meeting 6:30, Monday, March 2, at the Public Library. Team rosters will be handed out.

Completed rosters are due Friday, April 10. They are to be turned in to the MSA office, which is located in the back of Bob Ward Sporting Goods.

With this in mind, It is time for our first Team Geritol meeting of the 2009 season. We can get the rosters signed, discuss team business, tourney possibilities, league details, etc. Let's meet at my house.

1180 Poodle Drive, 7:PM Friday, March 13. (Thanks Smoochie and Elvis Fuchs).

I'll put out the excellent street sign that Baron Von Poodleback made for me.



*Chief Stoke's 2008, season long fall from grace with the Coin Toss Gods. Our Team Chief and Spiritual Leader sinned with uncharacteristic boastfullness. Not remaining humble. Forgetting to to give thanks to the "Home Team Gods", for their guidance. Chief Big Noggin's spirit is currently lost in the Republican Underworld and is searching for a Democratic resolution. Call "Tails" James, just call tails and keep the faith. The gods are waiting for you. They are forgiving. Just think O. O Great Spirits. O just has a nice sound/feel to it. The Chief is well grounded, he wore his pink like a true warrior...he'll be back..and once again be barking out that sweet "post-coin toss" phrase, "Take the field boys, we're home team". Atta boy Chief. Hmmm, interesting that Chief Big Noggin would be calling tails. Just another irony of the game I suppose.

*Hack Weaver's continued distancing behaviors. The Geritol, Clinical Diagnostic Team, feels these behaviors are a misguided cry for help. Jeff needs us. We know The Hackster struggles with guy issues and feelings. He is great with dogs. And like the rest of us on this team, he was wise enough to marry up. But when it comes to group committment, Jeff is repressed, in layman's terms..plugged up. A classic example is his well documented behavior when drinking at Fred's. At Fred's, Jeff is well known for randomly hugging the people around him and yelling "I love you", out loud. The Hackster becomes The Hugster.

From Hacker to Hugger. Classic symptoms of repressed feelings unleashed by the demon suds. The Chief wanted me to ask Huggy if he has been sleeping on the couch lately? Oh yeah, Huggy also mentioned that he will be asking the team for permission to bat left-handed this season. That is actually quite a coincidence, because I have had several Geritol team members talk with me about suggesting to Huggy that he consider hitting from the left side. Cool how things just seem to work out. I am thinking that what would prbably help Huggy Weaver the most would be a great big TEAM HUG at our first game. In our earlier years it was a team dogpile. Now that we have matured a bit..tho none of us are yet fully formed...we have evolved from the dogpile to the team hug. We can take a team vote on it.

*Zilla's new Team Geritol tatoo. It is a beauty. Mike says he can get us a team discount if 5 or more player/wifes are interested in getting one. Zilla re-enlisted as point man on the defense and we are glad to have him back. Last season, Zilla was tatoo'ing the ball, this season it'll be a tatooed-tatoo'ing of the ball.

*The Governor's hogging of the media spotlight. Coach Hiller this, Coach Hiller that...The Governor got more air time than Jill Valley...and not once did we hear mention of Team Geritol....Oh Grasshopper....don't let the bright lights blind you. Hopefully Dan Patrick ESPN Hiller will be able to blend in with us common folks. We will see what the Softball, Press-Conference Gods have in store for the good Gov'na.

*Smoochie has been playing a lot of basketball in the off-season. He asked me not to tell, so I won't. Oh maybe I will, Shawn borrowed, and has been wearing the team's pink shorts. He said they just feel very good. Julie won't let him wear her shorts any more, so The Smoocha, asked to confidentially borrow our poodle kissing pants. The Pink Point guard.

*Mike The Boogie'ing Bookie's Band, "Auditor's For Anarchy" played at this year's Testicle Festival. Elvis Fuchs said he has a newly found respect for the Biker culture. In fact, Mike was so impacted by his Testicle Festival experience that he purchased a sweet Harley Davidson with his share of the band's profits. "There is nothing like it", Mike said, "After a hard day of crunching numbers, putting on my leathers, starting up my Harley, riding down the highway, no helmet, wind blowing through my hairs". 1040 EZ by day and EZ Rider by night. We have a "One Biker limit" on our team, so Mike will fit right in. Last season Elvis seemed to have a cockleburr under his saddle, his bubble wasn't quite between the lines. I am thinking that this season, with the new singing gig, the Harely..we will have our quiet, "lead by example" teammate back, providing us with more great softball memories. Arrgh! A man has got to find an outlet for his creativity and his gnarliness.

*Bones Fox's first year as a full time teacher. Alan may need some group support from us. We have several trained and certified "De-programmers" on the team roster. A little time in the dugout with his mentors, a few pats on the butt from The Chief, and Bonesy will be fine. Nine months of being prim, proper, and politically correct can stifle a good person. We'll help take care of that. You are on your own tho, once school starts up again in August.

*Liver Eating Elam has offered to pitch in on the game time snacks. He told me he has some great Grizzly Bear, Mountain Lion, and Wolf jerky that he will bring. Apparently, Aneska wants it out of the house. "It scares the dogs", she says. "And Tracy acts wierd when he is eating it, he holds it real close to his chest with both hands, glances sideways at the kids and me, and makes growling's just kind of creepy she says.

*Louie Felker has hired a lawyer. He is filing a protest against the Women's Softball Leagues. Louie has one night of the week when he is not playing ball. It is the night the women play. He is claiming discrimination because they have denied him the right to play with them. He said he would sign the roster as Darlene, bat left-handed, and wear pink...but the answer was still no. We will stay tuned as this is sure to hit the press any time. Watch out for ESPN Hiller, David, as he is drawn to press conferences. He'll butt right in.

*Little Jack Horner, is coming out of his corner...That 's right...Lance Horner has been given conditional clearance for take-off. He has passed his 2 year long kidney stone and if all goes well, he will be back on the softball field this season. Ken Griffey Jr. returns to the Mariners. Lance, Little Jack, Horner returns to Team Geritol, and the sun is shining outside...things are looking good in Softball Land. If you need transition into the outfield, 1st base and catcher are up for grabs.

*Chris Jones has been out of touch. No reports on the big guy. We are hoping he will be back. Unbeknownst to Chris, The guys pitched in on a Magillla Gorilla bat insurance policy. Just in case Magilla Jones, decides to use one of our bats and the dang thing fails to hit the ball in the sweet spot like it is supposed to...and well, you know the rest of the story. It is good to have coverage. Hey...Zilla and Magilla.....Cool. Please don't beat me up, cause I think that name could stick. You just keep shopping around until you find one that fits. That is my kind of shopping.,

Deano, The Dogfather, is doing well. Deano was recently asked by a local theatrical group in Libby to participate in a play. They told him he was a natural for the part. Seems they are going to present Walt Disney's classic Snow White and The Seven Dwarves. They needed someone to play the art of one of the Dwarves, uhm.. let's see, which one was it..Sleepy?? No,...Uhm..Dopey??..No...Uhm..Grumpy...that's it. It was Grumpy. Well I think we can all support that job of casting. The Dogfather is a natural for that role. I just loved that movie when I was a kid. Atta boy Dean...Grumpy Thompson..has kind of a ring to it.

Travar, "Maybe" McLeod, claims to be working in the Mall at a new Hockey store. The store is there, but I have never seen Travar.....kind of like the 2008 softball season huh? Hey!! James told me to say that. Well, "Maybe" McLeod is going to play ball with us again this year....uhm, maybe, he is. I hope he is, Great guy to have on the team, no maybe's about it. It is just that Mr. Maybe, missed just enough games last season to not have to wear the pink shirt...and that gets us.

Brodie "Cramps" Ellis, is going to play some league ball with us and pitch in on tournaments whenever possible. Brodie earned this name by virtue of his penchant for spontaneous full body cramps. It will be great to havew the Crampster on the team. He is also a pitcher, and beings as The Chief has hung up his 2XLcup and shin guards, we've been looking for another backup. Grumpy also pitches, but is not here for league games. Cramps provides a calming effect on his buddy, ESPN Hiller. Kind of like James does for Jeff and I do for Don Chery.

Speaking of Don Chery...oh my Lord..The man is a mess. He is the 8th Dwarf in the Snow White fairy tale. You don't hear much about him because they gave him the boot. His name is Whiney. Poor ol' Grumpy Thompson had to listen Whiney Chery all the way from Great Falls to Kalispell, after last year's +40 State Tournament. Whining about someone putting pink shoelaces in his softball shoes...and worst of all, not returning his original black shoelaces. We would never give Brother Whiney the boot, he serves a very usefull purpose. It is good to always have at least one fish in the pond that you can count on catching. That boy just can't resist a little bait. he still owes me $15 from an St. Regis tournament 8 years ago. Played and never paid.


Talk about tournaments...reinforce to Jeff and James that Goosetown is not an option. Mike Fuchs has mentioned going to the Hotbox Tourney in Bozeman. We have our title to defend in St. Regis. Shawn's hometown of Superior puts on a fine tourney. I will try to have dates for the different tourneys. Please feel free (everyone except Huggy and Chief Noggin) to offer any other suggestions. It will be up to the tournament directors, whethere we can play in the local tourneys that do not offer a B division.

The early report from our Commissioner "Dico" is that we will have a 6 team "B" league in Missoula. Dico said we will have to have 6 teams to make it a go. If we can't get 2 teams out of the Bitterroot, we probably won't have a "B" league and will return to last season's format with an "upper and a lower C" league. My guess is that latter is the more likely. Either way, we have a request in for doubleheaders. No guarantees tho that it will happen.


This year we have instituted a team fine for all signatures that must be forged. Any/all players not signing the roster by the roster due date, will be given 3 strikes...and we all know what 3 strikes means, that's right...they will have to wear the pink poodle kissing shirt the first 7 innings of the season. In doing this I have freed myself of the responsibility to get our wonderful players to sign the roster. I have given that responsibility to the players. I will gladly forge signatures..the forgery fee, is strike three...hey, that rhymes. Now if players don't get it done on time...I am happy. No problems. Life is good, lookin' good in pink. We will start the season off with a smile. Isn't it special to play on a team that believes each player is responsible and functional.

Roster signing will be a perfect opportunity. We will think the world of you if you get it done...and we will think the world of you if you decide to kiss Baron Von Smoochie's Poodle on the lips, the first 7 innings of the season.

Team Geritol shirts have arrived. The cost for them is $25. It would be much appreciated if you brought $$ with you to pay for them. I will get new hats for us, your help with the shirts is much appreciated.

2009 STATE TOURNAMENT SITES AND DATES - Monday, February 9, 2009

Masters +36...................August 1-2.......Billings

Men's Slow Pitch..B.......August 1-2.......Helena

Men's Slow Pitch..C.......August 8-9......Billings.

Men's Slow Pitch..D.......August 8-9......Missoula

Women's Slow Pitch C...August 8-9......Kalispell

Women's Slow Pitch..D...August 8-9.....Kalispell

Co-Ed Slow Pitch B........August 15-16...Kalispell

Co-Ed Slow Pitch C.......August 15-16..Great Falls

Co-Ed Slow Pitch D.......August 15-16...Helena

Masters has moved to +36 this year. You must turn 36 in the 2009 calendar year (By December 31 2009) to be eligible to play in the 2009 Master's Tournament. Also, in Masters +36, all players on your roster must be from within your district. No out of district players. Home Run Limits are the same as last year. The run ahead rule is 20 after 4 and 12 after 5.

Clinically Depressed Poodle Mauls Team Geritol Lead-Off Hitter. - Thursday, January 22, 2009


Team Geritol's lead-off batter, Shawn, (Baron Von Smoochie), Hollenback, was rushed to a local Animal Clinic after being mauled by one of his pet poodles, who is being treated for Clinical Canine Depression, (CCD). This dramatic incident left the Baron's wife Julie, The first Lady of Poodleness, extremely rattled.

Baron Von Smoochie's wife Julie was quoted as saying that the couple's pink purebreed poodle, named "Prancing Shawn", has a history of frenzied fits and has become increasingly prone to making "viscious unprovoked attacks" despite receiving treatment with heavy duty, German Shepard, strength, anti-depressants.

"If you only knew! I had a harrowing day yesterday," she told the Poodle Weekly Magazine reporters. "Pink Prancing Shawn", aka. the "Pink Prancer", bit my husband."

Mrs. Hollenback, many years younger than her 40+ year old husband, did not directly reveal where the Poddle Baron was bitten, except to say that "It was good that Smoochie was wearing his cup."

She went on to say, "We were aware Prancing Shawn was unpredictable, he is being treated with pills for depression. My husband was bitten quite badly but he will make a full recovery.... and we were done having kids anyway."

The Smoocha was taken to a local vet, who helped remove Prancing Shawn from Dancing Shawn. "That dog has a grip like a pit bull," Mr. Hollenback was quoted as saying.

It remains to be seen if Smoochie will continue in his role as lead-off hitter. After a traumatic event like this, he may find more solace and less pressure, in the comfort of the bottom half of the line-up.

It is noted, this incident comes on the heels of a vicious attack by a deer on this very same poodle, (Prancing Shawn) at the Baron Von Smoochie's exclusive Poodle Refuge, "Pink Acres." It appears all is not well in Poodle-Ville.

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