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New Photos.. - Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have posted new pictures on our website. Some are under the Team Geritol 2010 tab and some are under the Senior Games tab. Hope you enjoy.

I played with Yeager's Blue, at the World Senior Games, in St. George Utah, Oct. 4-8. We were placed in the Major Division of the +60 age group. We played good ball and ended up winning the Gold Medal, defeating Fire One, of Seattle Washington. We competed in a best two out of three format, winning the first game 32-28 and the second game 19-18. It was most exciting. I know this will be hard to believe, but I hit a home run, over the fence, in the second game vs. Fire One. I told them my teammates back in Missoula were not gonna believe it. The Softball Gods are still alive and well; and clearly capable of still making miracles happen.

2010 State Tournament thoughts - Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Interest dynamic..as we set our sights/expectations higher..how our definition of a "good tourney," changes. We did well at State. competed against some strong teams and had a chance to win every single game we played. We could just as easily have been 6-0 as 4-2.

Also interesting that as disappointed as we are, we still did well; and as well as we did, we know we did not do as well as we could have. Each of us has a play or two that we wish we had a chance to do over. A bad pitch we swung at, a defensive play we did not make, a moment of hesitation or over-enthusiasm we wish we could do-over. Likewise, I hope each of us has been able to deposit a good play or two in the memory bank.

The toughest part of the tournament for me was the ASA rule that forced us to sit 2 or 3 players each game. No matter how good a team player you are, no-one likes to sit. It is a "Hold-over from the past" rule, that I believe has out lived it's usefulness. In fact I believe it is not in the best interests of softball, especially in these days of waning participation. We need be encouraging participation. Driving 100+miles, paying for motel rooms and having to sit on the bench for a game or two, does not make any sense and is not in softball's best interests. I believe teams should be given the choice of batting 10 players or 13 players. There is certainly no advantage to batting extra players. It does not slow up the game. It does not distort the defensive scheme. All it does is empower teams to decide what their lineup looks like. I believe the Softball Gods have even more rewards waiting for us. They are feeding us on season by season schedule. They have already given us amazing memories and continued success. They are helping us grow and develop. So where is our team chronologically? I know where I am, chronologically..my best days are behind me...but hopefully, Softball Gods willing, there is still much softball ahead of me. The team is not my age. The team is not Allen's age. I think our team is....about 30. I say that partly because I have heard players play their best ball in their mid-thirties...and I think our best team ball is still ahead of us.

The evolution of our team has been fun to watch. This was our 4th year at State. The 1st year, at Anaconda, Mike Fuchs spent as much time driving on I-90 as he did playing in the infield. We were not there very long. The next year at State, we knew we would do better. We had won several local tournaments and our self confidence was much higher. We finished 5th/6th, and it was a big step forward. The 3rd year at State, we were in the "B" Division. Even though we knew it would be tough, we had defeated Boomers several times and felt we had a chance to play well. We finished 1-3. Interestingly we were eliminated from the tourney by the team (for the most part) we eliminated from this year's State Tourney. This year, for the first year, I saw us going to State, thinking and believing we had a chance to win or place in the top three. Well.....it did not happen but baby oh baby..it was right there for us. So..it in my mind it is clear we are continuing to improve.

Every team has a life-span. Teams come and go. Each of us have played on many teams before playing together on Geritol. I do not know how long a life span Team Geritol will have. Part of me wants to Geritol around long enough for us to make a name for ourselves. Leave some strong footprints on the local and state softball field. I know that does not sound very humble..but..I suppose it is human nature.

I don't know what brought all of us together..but I do know what keeps us together. I think it has to do with respect. Respectful for our families, our teammates, our opponents, and respectful of the game of softball as an individual and as a team sport. It is not who has the best players. It is who has the best team. We have had the same players for several years now...and we continue to improve as a team. Some teams try to improve by getting new players..perhaps for talent reasons..perhaps because of team chemistry. There is no right or wrong way to do it. It is a personal philosophy. Teams get to choose what they want and how they want to make that happen. It would be easy for this to sound condescending and I really don't want that. It is just my way of telling you guys how much our team means to me, how proud of you as individuals and as a teammates I am. I am glad we do softball the way we do softball. I know our team will not last forever, life is about change. Life is also about having something to show for your efforts..and about being a part of something special...and about building relationships.

So..softball is not just about softball then...is it? If it was....just about softball...we might not still be together as a team...we might not have still never said a mean word to each other on the field, in the heat of the moment..after a tough loss..we might not have continued to improve as a team. We might not..know each other's kids as well as we do..we might not have nicknames..Nicknames are a time-honored tradition in baseball. The key words there are "Time-Honored."....We might not have been so happy when Patrick flew out at State in Butte and had to wear pink...we might not have held Smoochie sideways like a mermaid in a pink skirt for one of my favorite team pictures ever. There might not even be a guy named Smoochie..or Meet the Felkers..or Hack Weaver or Sled Dog (built for power and speed) Stokes or Zilla...or Da Govna' or Cramper Speedbump/ Sidewall Ellis...Liver-Eating Tofu Elam...or ..Bonsey Fox..or Ambu-Lance..or Hands Thompson..Deano the Dog-Father Thompson..Do-Right Jones..or Mike, the Bookie/Sunshine/ Singing CPA Fuchs...and wouldn't that be sad?? These nicknames are not just catchy little words out of the dictionary. These are performance and personality-based nicknames...Oh..a new one..Jon Riley has been tough..can't just make one up..it has to come to you..how about "Dragnet." (Just the facts, Ma'am") I know I am dating myself on that one. Dragnet Riley..has a ring to it. ...I might not...have been given all the great team help for the Senior Games Tournament each year...the tournament would not work without that help. You all might not ....have come to my Surprize 60th birthday party..and I might not...you know..have gotten the chance to dress up like a scarecrow and yell :"Surprize!!" at you as you came to the front door....By the way..Chris Jones made the most scared look of anybody. Oh for a camera....You might not have been willing to put on those pointy party hats and blow into noise makers..as we made some good-natured fun of each other and accepted prestigious, Cinnamon Bear/toothpick/paper cup Bubbas...and...our pink Poodle Kisser shirts might not be so faded from being worn and washed so frequently...and wouldn't that be sad? To not have all those things. Now that is what softball is all about..who would have thought those are the things that would help make a team play better and win all the games we have? Who'da thought it?

Stats for the State "C" Tourney - Monday, August 16, 2010

Let's do the stats first. "Just the facts, Ma'am." I won't get them all done before I have to go, so hang in there with me....like you have all season long...you are good guys.

We were 4-2

Runs per game:

Team Geritol

Sat..43 runs...Sunday..53 runs. Total of 96 runs...Equals 16. RPG Ave.


Sat...31 runs...Sunday...37 runs. Total of 68 runs. Equals 11.3 RPG Ave.

We outscored our opponents by 28 runs over 6 games.

In our 4 victories, we scored a total of 73 runs. An ave. of 18+ RPG.

In our 2 losses, we scored a total of 23 runs. An ave. of 11+ RPG.

Our lowest scoring game was 9 runs, vs Tie Dye of Kalispell.

Our highest scoring game was 21, vs ZooTown of Missoula.

We scored 20+ runs in only one game.

We scored 14 or more in 5 games.

Our highest scoring inning was a 12 run 6th inning vs. Slumpbusters of Missoula. It was sweet. Big inning and a big win.

Team batting averages:

1st game..21-40 =.525 team ave.

2nd game..29-49 = .591 team ave.

3rd game...19-38 = .500 team ave.

4th game...27-42 = .642 team ave.

5th game...27-49 = .551 team ave.

6th game...21-42 = .500 team ave.

All Games total...144-260 = .552 Team ave.

State "C" in Kalispell - Tuesday, August 10, 2010

According to the MSA Office, we have earned the #1 seed, out of Missoula. Hopefully this will allow Sled Dog Stokes and Hack Weaver to go to the horse races and still get to Kalispell on time Saturday morning. They will have lost all of their discretionary income which will most likely place a financial burden on the rest of us. It is fine, we are a team. We have carried them before. Sunshine Fuchs says they are tax deductible.

On the bad news side of things, Jon Riley called today, with news that he cut his hand at work, needed stitches and was told by the Doctor that he cannot play with us this weekend. Our sympathies to Jon. We will miss him and that smart-alec score-keeping kid named Taylor, he brings to the game. It has been a rough year for left fielders and lead-off hitters. Smoochie has indicated he may make a guest appearance at Kalispell. It would be great to have him. James has challenged him to a foot race. Even with the cast, my money is on Smoochie.

At this point we have 13 players going to Kalispell. ASA rules are that only 11 can bat. The plan is to let players play a full game. We will take turns sitting. Softball Gods willing, everyone will get lots of ball, especially if we play up to our potential. Our roster willl include: Chief-Lost My Money-Stokes, Zilla, The Governor, Sunshine Fuchs, Tofu Elam, Hack Weaver, Bones Fox, Cramper Ellis, Meet The Felkers, AmbuLance Horner, Don "Ponzi" Chery, aka, "The Ponz,"... "Big Hands" Thompson, and myself.

Early rumors are that Missoula will send about 7 teams. I am guessing they may include: Slump Busters, Lawns of Montana, Elbow Room, Paradise Falls, Rocky Mountain Eye, and Team Hype. Not sure if the Maulers or Reds are going.

2nd Place, State +40 - Monday, August 9, 2010

We did well. Earned the right to play in the championship game. Some good teams finished lower than we did. Cactus Creek from Billings had our number, actually everyone's number this weekend and went through the tourney undefeated, to earn the State +40 Title.

We helped ourselves immensely by winning both games on Saturday. Had we lost on Saturday, we would have had to play at least two more games, possibly 3, to get back to the championship game.

First Game..vs. Team Viagra, Bozeman..we won 23-7. They were stiff competition for the first 3 innings. Viagra was up 5-4 after the 1st inning. After 3 innings we had a 9-7 lead. A 10 run 4th inning made them go limp. Our defense said NO! to them, holding them scoreless in the 4th and 5th and we ended the game in 5 innings with 23-7 victory. Geritol was 30-42 for a team average of .714. Solid performance guys.

2nd game...vs ?Steele ? of Billings...we won 17-14. Fun game that went down to the final out. Chris "Do-Right" Jones. Mike "Sunshine" Fuchs, and Rich "Da' Pink Hamma". teamed up for a key double play in the bottom of the 7th, that was a huge rally killer. Sunshine Fuchs, Do-Right Jones and Darrell Hellman each hit a ball into the Berkeley Pit. This game began at 8:PM. The wind was blowing and the lights at Stodden Park made for interesting plays. We were treated to several fine views of the back side of Roger Wilhite's, Team Geritol jersey. This was a big win because it put us into the undefeated game Sunday morning and guaranteed top 3 finish. We were 29-48 for a team average of .604.

3rd game: Sunday morning 10:AM..vs Cactus Creek/Billings Lost 23-3. It was one of those "What do you do?" kind of games. Just hang in there, stay composed and wait for it to get over with. They were unconscious, we have all been there. Sure is fun when it is your team. Remember Forrest Gump's famous saying, "_hit happens." They scored 5 in the 1st, 11 in the 2nd , and 7 in the 3rd to put us out of our misery early. We had 4 at bats. The bottom 5 hitters in our lineups, had one at bat each. We were 6-17 for a team average of .352.Yikes!

4th game: vs. Coors Light/BrewHaus, Helena. We won 14-2. We opened up with with a big 12 run 1st inning. Rich, Da' Pink Hamma' made the 1st and the 2nd outs of the inning. Oh Happy Day!! The team we were playing, had just eliminated Hayloft of Missoula. Apparently last night, Da' Pink Hamma', had been talking a little trash talk with the Hayloft team about being in the loser's bracket. Well it came back to haunt him, as the boisterous Hayloft team, pulled out their lawn chairs and coolers and stayed to watch our game. Rich sure gave them something to cheer about. They must really like Rich, cause they were sure happy for him. We hit the ball well this game, going 25-34 for a team average of .735.

1st and only Championship Game vs. Cactus Creek..We lost 9-4...Dang! Much closer than our first game with them, but the same results. We were only able to score 4 runs. We left 11 men on base while Cactus Creek had 5 runners left on base..In the 4th inning, our 1st two hitters got on and scored, then with one out, we loaded the bases........and were not able to push any of those runners acrossthe plate.. Doug "Bird" Kikkert pitched a great game and our defense was solid, holding Cactus Creek to 9 runs. In fact, Cactus Creek did not score after the 3rd inning. They went 3 up, 3 down, in the 4th and 5th, and sent only 4 batters tto the plate in the 6th. The opportunities were there. Cactus Creek went through the tourney undefeated. We'll get them next time. Of note in this game is that Chris "Do-Right" Jones, Steve "Noodle-Arm" Jones and David "Meet The Felkers," each kissed the pink poodle on the lips on this game. In the very 1st inning, Do-Right hit a strike 3 ball foul down the right field line. "Noodle-Arm", earned his pink shirt by hitting a strike 3 foul ball down the left-field line. Meet The Felkers, smooched the pooch, by re-living his "Chicken Little" days of "Run-Run-the sky is falling." David then (2 innings later) cemented his first pink of the year by getting called out at home for leaving 3rd base too early. Maybe he did leave too early...maybe he didn't....maybe he left soon enough to leave it open for an appeal. David was a most enthusiastic runner all weekend. Even Kyle Busch wrecks from time to time.

Zilla bids Adieu... - Friday, August 6, 2010

Zilla has chosen to play ball with The "Off The Wall" team beginning next year (2011). I am putting this on our board because I want to be clear that I support Mike's choice. I am glad for him. It is more than okay. This is America, land of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Zilla has been an incredible pitcher, teammate, and friend. He has kept his cool on and off the field and conducted himself in ways that have made us proud to be his teammate. Mike talked with me about his decision. It was weighing heavy on him and he wanted to know how it felt to me and the rest of the team. He talked about it rather than allowing it to become a negative situation. Of course I/we will miss him on the team, but we will be fine. We will be different, but we will be fine. Mike is not leaving us for any negative reasons. It is all positive, Zilla wants to play with a team that shares his vision of competing at a different level. That does not mean we are not good enough, or that Mike thinks he is better than we are. It is not that at all. If we are truely good teammates to Mike..we will offer him our support, encouragement...and of course give him some "good-natured" grief. But most importantly, we will thank Zilla for the years and games he has played with us. He has left some fine footprints.. I say, let's send Zilla (and ourselves) off with a great State Tournament. We are a team with the insight, seasoning, and moxie to handle this situation in a positive manner. This is an opportunity guys. Let's do it. No drama. We've got ball to play and fun to have.

State +40 info - Friday, August 6, 2010

We are off to Butte America this weekend to play in the reborn State +40 Tournament. It had died a slow death in Great Falls and we thank Butte for picking it up. The games will be played at Stodden Park.

Our first game is against...believe it or not...Team Viagra, from Bozeman. The punch lines run amok. There are 10 teams signed up for the weekend. This exceeded everone's expectations. Bob Rowlings has taken the stance that it will be a pure +40 tourney. If there are enough teams for a +35 tournament, they will put it on. The tournaments will not be combined. Team Geritol has +35 players we would have loved to brought with us, but did not because we were told it was strictly +40. If they combine them, there will be trouble, as James, Zilla, and Allen Fox are all over 35.

Shawn Hollenback broke his ankle - Friday, August 6, 2010

What in the world is going on?? I am deeply sorrowful for not posting this before now. I am just not a bad news kind of guy. I am only able to post it now, because The Smoocha' has said he is going to try to come to Kalispell for our State "C" Tournament, August 13/14. I was able to get him to come, by offering him the 3rd base coaching job...and the opportunity to send ol' Sled Dog Stokes round third to the finish line at home plate. I tell you, I felt Smoochie bite the hook on that little bit of bait. The bobber plum disappeared. James is built for power and speed, that is why they call him Sled Dog Stokes. The man can run, he has a few trust issues, particularly with the Smoocha'...so being the counselor I am...I see a great opportunity for growth and team building....ought a be interesting.

2010 league ends... - Friday, July 30, 2010

We ended the 2010 regular season with a 14-6 record. The Slumpbusters also finished 14-6. We defeated them in regular season play, so the early "unofficial" decision is that we will earn the #1 seed from Missoula for the State C Tourney in Kalispell.,

Thompson/Corr Senior Games..Thank you's - Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank you guys for all your help this weekend with the Senior Games. It would not have happened without you. David, Daphne, and Henry, James, Jeff, Mike Fuchs, Brodie and Erin, Tracy, Blue-Zilla,...You guys are the best!! If I have left anyone out..which is highly likely, I apologize and will make it right.

The theme of the compliments was "How well run the tournament was and how nicely the players were treated." I could not imagine better ambassadors than you guys. These senior softballers have played in countless tournaments and have an appreciation for hospitality and respect. Your kindness came through loud and clear. Merci beacoup.

"No Mas" Jones??? - Saturday, May 1, 2010

Can it be?? It is unheard of.. Who'da thunk it?? The pink shirt will take a vain man down...Chris "Do-Right"Jones smooched the pooch in the second game of our league double-header. It was a Poodle of the "strike three foul ball" variety. The big guy didn't have much to say. He sort of blamed it on the new hats, one of which he was wearing. During the inning and a half that Chris wore this particular new hat, he struck out, he had a bad hop on a ground ball, and a short hop on the cut-off throw back from the outfield. It was just a bit more than Do-Right could bear..he walked into the dugout, and traded that cursed new hat for a different new hat. Can't argue with that logic. Except that it shouldn't have stopped there. There was another particular bit of clothing that need be changed into....a well-worn 2XL pink Poodle-Kisser blouse. Chris just could not quite bring himself to put it on. Lord knows we offered him support. We have always been clear, it is not our job to make someone put on the pink shirt. It is the job of whoever smooched the pooch, to put that puppy on. Greg Kessler has an unpaid Poodle-Smooching bill. How will Chris handle it?? Gotta face your demons sometime. Roberto Duran never came out for the next round with Sugar Ray Leonard..and it dogged him for the rest of his career...The next round is Wednesday, 6PM at McCormick...this is your corner-man speaking. I know that Poodle looks like a Pit Bull right now, but I believe in you.

New Hats and tags.. - Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our new Team Geritol hats are in. Several players have them. These hats come with two dangley tags attached. Just like some packages say, "Do not open until Christmas," these hat tags say, "may not be removed until you get a clean hit." That's right guys, the tags stay in until you get a hit. This is a long standing baseball/softball tradition..we started it with our first batch of new hats. Rites of passage are essential components in all societies. Small opportunities to celebrate our sense of team.

Ist Tourney of 2010..The MSA - Sunday, April 25, 2010

We finished 4th out of 10 teams. Winning 3 and losing 2. Fun games, close games.

1st game vs. Lawns of Montana win, 14-9

2nd game vs Average Joe's of Whitfish, Win 26-23

3rd game vs Team Hype, Lose 19-18

4th game vs Average Joe's, Whitefish, Win 21-20

5th game vs. ? Helena/Red's Bar..Lose 18-17

1st game vs. Lawns of Montana.. A 14-9 win.

Smoochie Hollenback, the feared and masculine lead-off hitter for Team Geritol, steps to the plate, he instinctively goes through his well-established at-bat routine, he taps the plate with his hitting stick, he knocks the dirt out of his size 5 cleats, he stares a steely stare at the opposing pitcher, he adjusts his pink poodle-skirt, and then, and only then, he steps into the batter's box, just purty as purty can be.

2010 has begun, our bet-making, poodle-skirt wearing, lead-off hitting, left fielder, grounds out 6-3, and the show has begun. We have got to give it to him, The Smoocha' wore that skirt like a man. He hit like a girl, but he was all man in that skirt.

Now a bit about the other 12 of us. Lance UPS'd 2 packages over the fence and Patrick lobbed one over the outfield net. Tracy earned a Lolly-gagging Bubba for getting picked off 1st base after hitting a single. He lolly-gagged back to the base and got himself throwed out. He shoulda had to put on pink. James and Henry won the 1st coin toss of the year and we were fortunate enough to not have to bat in the bottom of the 7th. We are off to a good start and Smoochie asks if he wear the dress for another game. We tell him no.

Our lineup for this tournament was Smoochie, Governor Hiller, Lolly-Gagger Elam, Zilla, Sled-Dog Stokes, Mark Backhoe Pennack, Ambu-lance Horner, Hack Weaver, Bonsey Fox, Sunshine Fuchs, Sidewall Ellis, David Meet the Felkers. Chris, Dudley Do-Right Jones, joined us on Sunday.

Game 2 vs. Average Joes of Whitefish..Won 26-23..

Their team name may be Average Joe's, but these guys were good ball players and very nice guys. Fun games with them, each team complimenting the other for nice plays. We we visitor (ahem..) and managed to score in all 7 innings. 16 of our runs came in our final 4 at bats. 18 of Ave. Joe's runs, came in their final 4 at bats. We used all 4 of our home runs. Patrick, Brodie, Allen (that's right) and Lance went yard. All were wind aided except Allen's. Everyone in the lineup contributed at least 2 hits. Solid team effort. We were 37-58 for a tourney high team ave. of .637.

The defensive highlight of this game came in the bottom of the 7th. Ave. Joe's had scored 7 runs to cut our lead to 26-23. They had 1 out and runners on 1st and 2nd, the tie run was at the plate. He hit a sharp ground ball that Tracy snagged just in time to tag the runner leaving 2nd base, and then toss to 1st in time to double up the batter, ending the game. Sweet play, quick thinking, the bell rings, school is over, Tracy is back on task.

Game 3, vs Team Hype..Lose 19-18..

This was a good game. Hype played well. Anyone's game. We were behind 17-13 in the top of the 7th..(visitors again)..and had a nice rally, scoring 5 runs to give us an 18-17 lead. Hype went right to work, scoring 2 runs without any outs, to win the game.

Ambu-lance hit his 5th and 6th home runs of the day. Bones Canseco hit his 2nd of the day and Patrick took a few pitches before depositing his 3rd dinger of the day. Smoochie hit his 2nd long cotton dress over the fence...each of which counted for outs. He had a run in his nylons, his slip was showing, and in both instances we had used up our quota.

Game 4 Sunday Morning..Average Joe's, Win 21-20 :

The rematch was an even closer game than our 1st meeting. In this game we scored the winning run in the bottom of the 7th, with 2 outs, on an RBI single by Governor Hiller. Hack Weaver started the inning with a single, Speedbump Ellis, and Meet the Felkers each hit clutch singles, scoring The Hackster. So we have 2 outs, the winning run, Speedbump, is at 2nd, and The Govna' makes an executive decision, by pulling his Campaign manager, (Speedbump), for a pinch runner. Speedbump, a consumate team player, starts to call BS, but swallows his pride and Allen, Wrong-Way, Fox goes in to run. Enter The Smoocha', who hits a well-placed opposite field line drive, that Ave. Joe's right center fielder makes a great catch on. Bonsey, gets a severe case of base-runners braincramp. He starts to tag, he decides to go, he screeches to a halt and has to come back to 2nd, the cut-off throw is now in the infield and they have Bonsey dead to rights, somehow the Softball Gods take mercy upon the clean living lad and allow him to scramble safely back to 2nd base. It is too late to put Speedbump back in the game. The Impeachment Papers begin circulating. The pressure is on the Govna" and he comes through, delivering a solid hit that clears up all baserunning confusion on Allen's part. A fine win.

Patrick hit 2 home runs this game, Lance hit 1 and Brodie also went deep. Let's see???something else of note happened..hmm? What was that? Oh yeah, Mike Sunshine Fuchs managed to make the 1st and the 3rd outs in the 6th inning. Oh-oh..here comes a little pink cloud. We were 30-60 for a team average of .600.

5th and final game..vs. Ernies/Reds? (Helena guys I think)..Lose 18-17:

Dang..Dang Dang..They earned it, but I think we all felt this was a game we let get away from us. We were ahead 16-4 after 4 innings and scored just 1 run in our final 3 at bats, while our opponents scored 14 in their final 3 at bats...Most uncharacteristic for us...Not much to say, game over, tourney over, team still tight and looking forward to a chance to get back on the winning track. Patrick, Zilla, Lance, and Chris hit the ball outta da' park for us.

Tournament stats:

Tracy was wielding the hot bat this weekend, going 17-20, for a tournament average of .850... Great job Mr. Elam. Zilla, Patrick and Lance were each one hit away from batting.800. As a team we were 145-243 for a .596 batting average. In 2009 we finished in 3rd place with a 4-2 record, however our batting ave. was .580. In 2010 we averaged 19+ runs per game. In 2009 we averaged 14.5 runs per game. Not sure if the lower arc was a factor? A big difference was that in 2009 we hit 6 home runs in this tourney. In 2010 we hit 20. Lance hit 8, Patrick 6, Brodie 2, Bones Canseco 2, Zilla and Chris hit 1 each. Smoochie also hit 2 illegitimate puppies over the fence, both counting for outs. So..all in all a respectable showing. Our expectations are higher, our sense of team is as strong as ever. Good things are coming our way. 2010 is gonna be fun. Thank you to the Softball Gods for the opportunity to play this weekend. Thank you for noone getting hurt. Thank you for several pinks and Bubbas. Thank you for helping me not get anyone thrown out at the plate. There was one potential opportunity, I sent Speedbump Ellis home, but he lowered the blade on his grader and pulled up at 3rd. Divine intervention.