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Oh dear…!!!

My fault

My bad

It was a ball

I maybe shoulda’…

Kinda coulda….

Probably woulda........ had…

If only…..well…you know..

I am not sure

Where to begin

I think my first

Step was in.

We had a lot

Of rain today

So I wasn’t sure

We would even play

My team was short

And I was late

So stretching out

Had to wait

This is not

An excuse

But I had no time

To get loose

Where I was standing

Was soaking wet

And our pitcher pitched

Before I was set.

The outfield grass

Had not been cut

And I nearly fell

On my you-know-what

I am not sure

How this fits in

But our catcher did

Move me in

The way the wind was blowing

There was no way of anyone knowing

Where the heck

The ball was going

That ball was by me

In nothing flat

He must have used

An illegal bat.

When I reached

The warning track

I think I tweaked

My sore ole back

I know I heard

Someone shout

“There’s the fence

So watch out.”

I cannot tell

You a lie

I think the sun

Got in my eye

I lost the ball

In the sun

And I had

A long way to run

The ball was bouncing

Up and down

And somehow I

Got turned around

There were no clouds

And the sky was high

I pulled a muscle

In my thigh

But I will not dodge


I know that ball

was kinda sorta hit to me

And I am not trying

To beat the rap

But I think that ball

Mighta’ hit the gap.

I heard my buddy Willie

Say “Hey, I got it.”

Else I’m sure I

Woulda' caught it

I am secure

Enough to say

One of us

Shoulda’ made that play

I know there is

No “I” in me

It’s all about

Team chemistry.

Never make

An alibi

Is the motto

I live by

Oh, the wind and the rain

And the warning track,

The sun, the sky

And my sore old’ back

Our pitcher, our catcher,

And my outfield mate

The fence, the grass,

And me getting there late

Except for a few

little things like this

That’s a ball

I’ll never miss.

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