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2010 Special Moments

Well we have a couple of winners...

Rich Hoffman started off the Bubba parade by earning the "Honorary Jeff Weaver, Show Up For The Opening Game Of The State Tournament ,In The Bottom Of The 2nd Inning ,With A Tatoo Of Your Honey On Your Behind, Bubba" Now we don't really think that Rich stopped off in Lincoln, to get a tatoo of his honey on his caboose like Jeff did...because Rich was travelling to the tourney with Todd "Big O" Pressler. But what we do know is that at game time...after the lineup had been made and then had to be altered...we get a phone call from somewhere outside of Fort Shaw.."Hi, it's Rich..uhm..I'm running a little bit late and it is all Todd's fault. Rich was mumbling something about Todd having crappy tires on his truck and sleeping in...and you know that typical stuff people say when there is really nothing they can say to change the situation.. It is Bubba time for Mr. Rich. I might add that Rich has played with us in 2 tournaments and has earned Bubba's in each of those tourney's. His 1st Bubba was of the poodle-kissing variety. Yup, Rich is a poodle-kisser.

Speaking of Poodle-Kissers...Terry Souhrada travelled all the way from Spokane to play some ball with us this wekend. It was great to have him. Being the creative guy he is; Terry showed us a brand new way to ear the Shawn Hollenbeck, Kiss Your Poodle On the Lips, Twice In One Inning Bubba.. In our 2nd game Saturday..vs The the midst of an 8 run, 2nd inning, Terry forced John Riley out at 2nd base for the 1st and 3rd outs of the inning. John led off the inning with a single...Terry forced him out at 2nd. 8 runs later in the inning, with 2 outs, John gets up again and hits another comes his good buddy Terry with another ground ball to force John at 2nd to end the inning. Terry really did not want this Bubba. He argued fairly hard against it. I conferred with Dean Thompson (who is of dubious character) and Dean confirmed that there was no way to not award a Bubba for what Terry had just achieved. That was some kind of Poodle-Kissing hitting.

Dean Thompson earns the National Enquirer, Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton Bubba for his paparazzi-like behaviors...around my Mother no less.. It was really quite unbelievable. My 82 year old Mother was at the tournament enjoying a fine afternoon of middle-aged/old guy softball when Dean walks over to her and all nicely-nice, introduces himself..and then starts digging for some childhood dirt on me. He asked her about some times I got in trouble, or some poor choices I made, or did I cry easy when I was growing up? Bad Boy Dean Thompson.

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