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Hack Weaver heads for the Border..Sad day for Geritol

You have probably heard by now. Jeff and Julie are pulling up roots and heading south. Jeff has accepted a programming job and will be paid 3 million dollars a year. He is hosting an open bar, good-bye party, at Katie O'Keefes, Saturday January 29, at 7:PM......Come drown your sorrows and bid adieu to our good and generous friends Jeff and Julie.

Jeff is one of the founding cornerstones of Team Geritol. He and James were a bit like Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. They flew kites chopped down trees. Okay...they were also instumental in moving Team Geritol forward, especially in the early years when our core roster was not yet established Fortunately, we are now blessed with a roster of loyal citizens, who will help the team continue the family fun, softball traditions we have enjoyed over the years.

Thanks for all the memories Jeff. You sure did look great in pink. Julie, thannks to you too for keeping a watchful and protective eye on your man. He is lucky to have you.

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