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2010/2011 Bubbas/Potluck

Saturday, April 2, 6:PM till whenever:PM, at our house, 1180 Vicki Drive. We will try to put up the POODLE DRIVE Street sign the Smoocha' had made for me and that Mike, The Bookie" Fuchs hung on our street corner. It will be a potluck. Jan and I will cook a main course..if it is burned, I cooked , if it is not burned, Jan cooked. Please feel free bring a side dish of something you like.We will sign the roster and it would be a fine time to bring money for our league fee. It is $700 this year. $40 each would be great.

We have 3 new players this season, replacing the 3 we lost from last season. Speedbump Ellis, recruited a friend, Russ. I recruited a guy who works at the Good Food Store and makes great iced lattes. His name is Giovanni (Gio). I also picked up another infielder and backup pitcher whose name is Chip. Hopefully they will all be able to attend the Bubbas. I have not seen any of them play ball, but I do know they will be great guys, who respect the game and the team environment...everything else is lipstick on the poodle.

Speaking of new has ALWAYS BEEN OUR TRADITION, rookies have to wear the pink shirt for the 1st seven innings of the season. It is a long standing tradition and baseball is a game of traditions, superstitions, kangaroo courts, and nicknames. It is spiritually akin to David Caradine the Kung Fu guy who had to pick up the boiling hot kettle of boiling hot stuff, thereby forever branding on his forearms the sign of the Shar-Lin Monk Master Dudes. We do pink shirts. Hurts less, and still meets our criteria for a Rite of Passage. We will have brand new pink Poodle Kisser shirts this season. Welcome aboard guys.

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