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Practice...1st Tournament...and League Start-up Dates

We will get out and practice when the weather is 55+ degrees.Our 1st tournament is C'mon Pink, I mean Blue, April 30-May 1. I am going to request we play in the "C" Division. We are willing to play "B" league to help out, but my concern is that if we start signing up for "B" Division in the tournaments, it will make it harder to play in other "C" tourneys. The team feedback at this point has strongly been to play "B" league, but to play "C" tournaments, including State in Bozeman. Our league play will not start until Tuesday May 17. All of our games will be on Tuesday evenings. All will be played at 7:30 and 8:45. All will be played at McCormick. I will post updates as they emerge. Thanks.

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