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Early Worm Gets the Bird.....I'll Try to Explain...Well Sort of...

James is in a dress...and he not happy about, not at all...and while we can understand James's unhappiness...Still there shall be Team-Geritol-Joy in Mudville . E.G. "Hey, look..James is wearing THE PINK POODLE SKIRT." Speaking for myself, I just cannot say that sentence and be sad. It is a happy sentence. It is nine words that are worth 1000 pictures. It will be the same as when Smoochie..aka "Skirt-Boy" wears THE PINK POODLE SKIRT (See Photo Album Team Geritol 2010) for the 2nd game of the will bring us happiness. Yikes!! I hope James wears underwear. FYI this will be Skirt-Boys' 2nd appearance in the Poodle dress.,

James is not unhappy just because he has to wear the the THE PINK POODLE SKIRT.. James is unhappy because he feels he was "Smooched' by the wrong end of the pooch." James made this bet with clear head and a niave level of trust. He knew full well he could end up dressed in the PINK know..POODLE SKIRT. James is feeling shall we say....taken advantage of. Used. Set up on a New Jersey Shore blind date with Shawn, "The Situation" Hollenback. Well nobody cheats on Snooki Stokes and gets away with it. She, I mean he is not taking this lieing down. Snooks is betrayed and scorned. He will be wearing thatPINK POODLE SKIRT.. with revenge. No stronger draw is there than the magnetism of the Love-Hate relationship.

This is a brief rundown of what happened...Shawn's son and James's nephew were playing against each other in a local basketball tournament. James's nephew is from Shelby and Shawn's son Jacob plays for Loyola/St. Joe's. Shawn wanted to bet the pink skirt. Misery loves company, and Shawn came out of the cross-dressing closet last year, and wanted to invite James to enjoy the experience. James was skeptical. He has long since withdrawn all funds from his trust account with the Smoocha'. I can empathize with James as I have made skirt-wearing bets with Shawn, two years in a row, and have been fortunate enough to win both bets. May I be strong enough to never bet the skirt again. James agreed to make the bet. Shawn cheated. James lost. There you have it.

It turns out that not only was Shawn's son playing on the St. Joe's team, Shawn was the coach of the St. Joe's team. Shelby brought 13 players and played them all. Shawn, had 8 players and played 7. St. Joe's opened up a 25-3 lead on Shelby. Shelby closed the gap to within 1 point with a minute on the clock. Shawn ordered his team to go into a stall, fake some injuries, and as it turned out, the timekeeper, was Shawn's Uncle Louie. Well, needless to say.....the clock expired just before Shelby's game winning shot went through the basket. Whatta you do?

You grin and wear it..that's what you do. There may be some slappin' and yappin' going on this it a hunch. We'll do our best to help bury this bone, but...this time Shawn "The Situation" Hollenback may have gone too far.

Snookie....The Snooksta..Snook...Snooks...just thinking out loud.

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