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2011 C'mon Blue "C" Champs

Great job guys. What a fun weekend and way to start the new season. We were able to post a 6-1 record on our way to winning the inaugural tournament of the 2011 softball season.

It went something like this:

7:AM Saturday morning..temperature hovering in the 30's. Oh yeah..we are there, taking some BP. Chris "Baywatch" Jones, the California ex-life guard showed up in layers. Mike "Tree-Hugger" Fuchs, was wearing his stocking-cap and looking like he had just spent the night at a base camp on the north slope of Mount Softball. Allen Fox was shivering so James put him in his pocket. Patrick still had his pajamas on and Brodie had already been to church and said a prayer for us. David and Henry were in mid-season form and raring to go. Lance showed up with shorts, no hat, and fit as a fiddle. Tracy came in mumbling about some premonition he had about getting nailed by a line drive, while coaching 1st base. Chip, one of our new players just minded his own business, Ryan Cook, our #1 pickup, came to play even though he was not feeling good. Our coach..was clear headed as usual.


We played Octane, a Great Falls team who moved up to "C" division, after being crowned 2010 State Champions in the "D" division. To their credit, they had to drive from Great Falls on terrible roads, due to a blizzard on Rogers Pass. They had an 8:AM game, they also had but 8 players. Pretty tough start. They did not score in their 1st at bat. We came to the plate and put up 14 runs in the bottom of the 1st.

Snookie Stokes, Miss Shelby 2011, wearing the pink skirt, made the 1st out of the year. That skirt will take a good man down. he Snooksta' came up again in the 1st inning, with pressure on him to not make 2 outs in one inning...and he came through with a single. Atta boy Snooks.

Chris "Baywatch" Jones, hit a home run in his 1st at bat. Governor Hiller, Ambu-Lance, and Fish Bait Elam also went yard in this game, which we won in 5 innings, 18-5.

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