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At this point in the season, we have played in three tournaments.

C'mon Blue...we were 6-1 and won the tournament.

MSA...we were 0-3 and won the boobie prize.

Reds...we were 3-2 and finished in the middle of the pack.

That gives us a tournament record of 9-6.

Here are the scores for the 6 tournament games we have lost:

18-14 loss to Line Drive in the C'mon Blue

12-11 loss to Team Hype in the MSA

8-7 loss to good Missoula team in MSA

30-25 loss to Reds in MSA

11-10 loss to Rhino in Reds Tourney

13-11 loss to Gilleys in Reds Tourney

In our 30-25 loss to Gilleys, we led 19-18 going into the top of the 7th. They put their beers down, drank some Geritol and scored 12 runs in the 7th. All of a sudden it goes from up 1 run (19-18) to trailing by 11 (30-19). No more Geritol for them.

We gotta score more runs. In previous years, we won games when we held teams to the scores (18/12/8/11/13) in 5 of our 6 losses.

The 2011 Softball Gods are watching to see how we handle this challenge. I expect we will respond with character and tighten up, rather than unravel.

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