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News from the State ASA meeting in Butte, 2/4/2012


Mens +40 Masters & +50 Seniors...August 3-5, Missoula.

State B...Bozeman...August 10-12. (Tourney was scheduled to be in Great Falls, however a town must a a team in that division in order to host the tournament and apparently Great Falls does not have a State B team this year)

State C...Billings.August 10-12. .Long ways..Missoula gets to host next year.

State D...Missoula...August 10-12

Women's C...Billings..August 3-5

Women's D...Billings...August 3-5

Co-ed B...Helena...August 17-19

Co-ed C...Helena...August 17-19

Co-ed D...Butte?....August 17-19


We will continue to use the same compression/core ball, .375/44 core, throughout the 2012 and 2013 season. The word is that in 2014, we will move to a lower compression ball.

The basepaths will remain at 65 feet for all league and local/state tournament play. If teams advance to Regional or Nationals, the bases will be played at 70.' This is being done to "Bring the defense back into the game." The hotter bats have had infielders playing deeper and the move to 70' bases is a move to level the playing field.

Base-stealing Rule: If a batter strikes out, a baserunner may only advance/steal a base, if the defense makes a play on another baserunner. Such as trying to pick him off, or double him up. Otherwise a runner may not steal a base after a batter has struck out.

In the State ASA Seniors (+50) Tournament, Seniors may use Senior league bats. This can only happen in Senior Tournaments.

State +40 is considered "Masters" rather than "Seniors" and +40 players will abide by the normal set of ASA rules and guidelines, re: bat use, scoring plate, and strike mat. i.e. +40 will play by the same rules Men's ASA uses.

MSA will have a "C"..."D"..and "E" league this season.

Men's :"C" Home run rule is not yet determined. It may end up either being 3 home runs or 3+1 home runs.

Men's "D" league will be allowed 1 home run in MSA league play.

Men's "E" league, will also be known as the "No-Home-Run-League." and as the name says, there will be no home runs allowed in this league. Ifg we do not have enough teams sign up to play in the "E" league, (we would need at least 8), we would then place those teams in the "D" league.

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