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2012 MSA League Numbers

Here are the team and league numbers as presented at the MSA Board meeting last night:

Men's "C" ...16 teams

Men's "D-1"..16 teams

Men's "D-2"...11 teams

Men's +45..9 teams

Women's "C"..6 teams

Women's "D"...6 teams

Friday Co-Rec "C"..11 teams

Friday Co-Rec "D"..12 teams

Sunday Co-Rec "C"...6 teams

Sunday Co-Rec "D" 11 teams

McCormick Co-Rec.."D" 12 teams

This is a total of 116 teams. In 2011 we had 131 teams. Part of the decline in numbers comes from not having a "B" league in 2012. Men's "D" also has less teams this year than in 2011.

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