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The Season has Begun...

80+ degrees for the first league game. and it hasn't been that warm since. This year's schedule is fantastic. Abe did a great job. We have all double headers and nearly all are on Wednesdays. We have been able to escape the 9:45 games we suffered through last season.

We are playing in the 16 team, "C" Division this year and after 8 games we are 4-4. It has been fun playing new teams.

We picked up two new players this year, Casey and Garrett and they have done a great job for us. Garrett with his pitching and Casey with his wonderful shortstop play. Many of our restored players have kids who are playing Mavericks ball, little league, soccer, or some other sport that has made it difficult for them to make it to the league games. We knew this would be the case coming in to the season. Family comes first.

We played in two tournaments this year, C'mon Blue and MSA. We finished 3rd in C'mon Blue and were eliminated our first game Sunday morning in the MSA. We are ok, we lost to good teams, we also beat some very good teams. One game in particular, defeating lasts years State C Champions, Slumpbusters, 27-26 in the bottom of the 7th. We have had great games with them over the years and this game was as good as any.

Tracy continues his shoulder rehab. This week he was able to play some 2nd base. Nice to see #8 back on the field. We are still putting pieces back in place and regaining our sense of team and chemistry. I think last year took a toll on us. League was dismal and we went 0-2 at State, finishing in a tie for the Booby prize. The good news is that everyone came back and we have added a couple strong new players. We just need more time together. May has been a little tough on us, June will warm up and we will be hot in July.

Not sure what the end of the season will bring. We have the option of playing State "C" in billings, or State "D" here in Missoula. That is a decision That I suspect will become more clear as the 2012 season unfolds. We want to play State. Billings is a fine place to play ball, but a long way to go for a 10-10 team. It is not near the drive if we have been able to regain our 2008-2010 form. We were a solid "C" team during those years. Right now we are not that team. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the year plays out. We have several tournaments ahead of us and they are the best gauge. Either way, what a fun team to be a part of.....and we have nice new uniforms, however we seem to be doing our best to disprove the old adage , "If you look good, you play good." It appears the orange Softball Gods have not been pleased with our new white uniforms.

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