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SENIOR SOFTBALL! (One letter at a time)

S is for Senior,

Senior Softball

Playing guys our own age

Is the most fun of all

E is for extra

Extra base hit

The older I am

The fewer I get

N is for never

Negatory and not

There is no warranty

For the Miken I bought

I is for us

As in you and me

Softball has a way

Of making us a we.

O is for outfield

A great place to play

I am afraid of ground balls

So out here I will stay

R is for round

Round rolling ball

The one we’ve been chasing

Since we first learned to crawl.

S is for strike mat

When we are at bat

If the ball hits the rubber

Why argue with that

O is a circle

With no end or beginning

If there is softball in Heaven

Both teams will be winning

F is for fun

With friends on the field

For all the sore muscles

Not fully healed.

T is turn two

A sweet thing to do

Unless of course

The batter is you.

B is the bat

That gives the ball wings

Why does one ounce

Affect our swings

A is for ageing

Aches and arthritis

None of which dampen

The spirit inside us

L is for the ladies

It is their game too

I’ve even seen them

Argue with Blue

L is for like

Most likely love

For playing a game

With a bat, a ball, and a glove

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