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Say it Ain't True Blue

Hello there Blue

Good day to you

We sure respect

The job you do.

We’re all here

To enjoy the sun

Play some softball

And have some fun


Whatever you call

Will be fine with us

We are not the kind

To make a fuss


I realize that pitch

Hit the mat

But I was thinking

It was pretty darn flat?

Now how can that pitch

Not be illegal

The dang thing almost

Hit an Eagle


Oh my gosh

That ball was fair

You can’t make the call

Just standing there


That ball was foul

It was plain to see

Both teams saw it

Not just me


Ask the other ump,

or someone in the stands

You have to watch it all the way

To see where it lands.

Oh C’mon Blue..

Their runner left early

Without a doubt

You gotta watch that play

You gotta call him out.

Oh man..

Their runner did not slide

Or get out of the way

You gotta call them both out

It ‘s a double play

Oh no..

I beat the tag

With a nice hook slide

What is going on

Are you on their side?

Oh come on Blue

Say it ain’t true

Everyone saw it

Why didn’t you.

And please

Ask their shortstop

For his I.D.

The dang guy looks

A decade younger than me


When I am standing

In the batters box

I know it is fine

If their catcher talks


When I start my swing

And I hear him shout

Hey batter batter

You are going to go out.”


Help me out Blue

And tell this dude

That’s catcher’s interference

And downright rude

What the..

That was no catch

The ball hit the ground

I am half deaf

And still heard the sound.

Oh-oh Blue

We know this team

We’ve played them before

We’ll lose this game

If their wives keep score

I realize

We did not hit

And could not make a play

But none of your calls

Went our way

So C’mon Blue

Say it ain’t true

We shoulda never got beat

By twenty two.

So..Come on Blue

I know it is true

And I think you do too

We might have won that game

If it wasn’t for you

I am thinking

Perhaps you should go

To umpire classes

Get your hearing checked

And buy some glasses


I cannot believe

You gave me a warning

In the 2nd inning

Of the 1st game in the morning.

Nothing personal

I know you did your best

Perhaps you need

A good night’s rest.

We will see you tomorrow

It will be a brand new day

Maybe some of your calls

Will go our way.

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