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Pre-Season Chatter, Hey Batterbatter

There are a number of changes and new rules awaiting us in the Senior League.

They include, a strike mat at home plate.

*The strike mat is appx. 17"x36"

* if the pitched ball hits the strike mat, the pitch is a strike.

*The area that used to be home plate, is now a part of the strike zone.

There is a "scoring plate" It is on the 3rd base side of Home Plate. It is equi-distant from 3rd base to both of the plates.

*Runners must run to and touch the scoring plate.

*All outs at home plate are "force outs" that occur when the defensive player touches home plate.

*There re no "Tag-outs after the runner has crossed the Commitment Line>

*If the catcher/defensive player, has the ball and tags a runner who is trying to score from 3rd base; that runner not out. The catcher/defense must make all their outs at home plate.

We have a commitment line, . It is placed 20 feet from the scoring plate and will be evident as a chalked line.

*If the runner crosses this line, he must continue running to the scoring plate.

*If a runner touches home plate, rather than the scoring plate, he is out.

A 5 run rule that says we may only score 5 runs per inning, unless we are behind; and then we may score until we have a 5 run lead. Each team will get an "Open inning", which says in each teams' final at bat, they may score as many runs as possible.

No more "Mercy Rule." All games will go to their natural finish, or until the time limit comes into play.

The "Halo Rule." Any ball hit "dead red", directly over the pitching rubber, will result in being a "Dead ball out." It does not matter where the pitcher is standing or whether or not the pitcher is struck by the ball. Plain and simple, if you hit the ball back over the pitching rubber (it is 24" wide) you are out.

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