Scoring Rules for +70/75 Division:

June 20, 2016

We have 5 young at heart, teams in the 70/75 Division:


·       The Can-Am Bombers +75

·       Seattle Silvertips………+75

·       The Dirt Dogs…+70

·       Big Country Drifters…+70

·       The Dirty Dozen...+70


We will award Gold and Silver medal to the +75 Division, We will award Gold, Silver, and Bronze to the +70 Division.


**The Silvertips have picked up younger infielder. Therefore, they will not be “spotted any runs” at the start of their games.

**The Can-Am Bombers will be spotted 5 runs in their games against the 3, +70 teams, and their game against the Seattle Silvertips. 


**The 3, +70 teams will play their games against each other, straight-up. 

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