The Rainy Results 2018 Thompson/Corr Montana Senior Softball Games

The Rainy Results

2018 Thompson/Corr

Montana Senior Softball Games

Missoula Mt.

June 23/24


Division 1.

Gold: Yeagers Alumni, Bellingham WA.

Silver: Nearly Extinct. Tacoma WA.

Third: BCT Codgers, Boise Idaho.

Fourth: Grey Sox 70’s Spokane.


Division 2.

Gold: Can-Am Bombers (+80) Canada/USA

Silver: Big Country Drifters, Cochrane AB.

Third: Pacific Northwest (PNW) Codgers: Oregon Montana and Idaho.

Fourth: Missoula Outlaws. Missoula MT.


Division 1.

Gold: Northwest Softball Club. Idaho/Washington

Silver: Calgary Red Sox. Calgary AB

Third: Boise Codgers. Boise ID

Fourth: Grey Sox. Spokane WA


Division 2.

Gold: Montana Madmen. Great Falls MT.

Silver: Route 60-66. Phoenix AZ.

Third: Old Stockers. Vancouver BC

Fourth: Dishman Dodge: Spokane WA.


Division 1.

Gold: Fatboys. Calgary AB

Silver. Pasco Bizrads. Pasco WA.

Third. The Rhino. Missoula MT.


Division 2.

Gold: Steel etc. Great Falls MT.

Silver: KT Hayloft. Missoula MT

Third: Lube Tube. Spokane WA.


Gold: Team Geritol…Missoula MT.

Silver: Boltons Bombers…Missoula MT

Third: Spare Parts …..Missoula MT

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